Smooth or fast?

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  1. Another random question that I just thought of. Lets say someone can do a flourish like super-fast and clean (no cards dropping, packets relatively neat). And then there is someone else who does it regular speed and super-smooth (focus on really exaggerating displays, packets move with nice rythym).

    Which would you prefer to watch/do Smooth or Fast??\

    Here is an example, the flourish in question is J5


  2. I would have to say smooth because when you do smooth and slow, gradually, it will increase the speed. Doing that so, it builds your muscle memory.
  3. Smooth

    Smooth allows folks to appreciate flourshing as a skill, do it to fast and they won't be able to fully appreciate the amount of practice that goes into it
  4. Both make a flourish great, but smoothness is an experiential imo. I'd rather see a slow smooth flourish than a super fast choppy flourish.
  5. i thought the fast one was a bit meh. The Madonna Display seems a bit off and he wasnt that fast on the Leno.

    Jordan owned that like a *****.

    Check out his Pandora too. :)
  6. I always thought of flourishing like music... I play guitar and I used to try to do it fast and great, but my master always told me that just because I was very fast, doesn´t mean I´m playing well, he always told me that before run you must walk first and that some of the greatest guitarrists in history don´t play super-fast, they just play well and with feeling.

    I agree that the flourishes look great fast, but I also agree that there are certain things that look better in a more slow and delicate way that super-fast...

    eventually practice will give you speed but you´ll find out that are some flourishes that just look very good done slow and smooth and some just look great very fast
  7. Couldn't you just decide for yourself?
  8. I could it was just an opinion question.
  9. so is it impossible to be smooth, neat and fast? does everyone have to stick to the tudor ideal of smooth = slow?
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    *imo* just do flourishes that looks better if done fast, and the opposite if the stuff better performed smoothly and less of speed. :)

    example :
    fast - DnD's Flirt. what do you think if someone doing it real slow-mo. *rofl*
    slow[wait i hate "slow", how about not really fast but smooth] - well you know, like d+M's guardian/butterfly.

    but yeah if you can't get the difference or can't do it fast / smooth then begin to dislike fast motion well you just suck. :p

    ps: i love brian tudor!
  11. The fast was... um... strange :D
    but not bad!
    I just liked the smooth one much more ;)

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