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  1. I slowed the symphony trailer a bit and found this very quick glimpse of well I dont know exactly what it is. any one have and ideas?

  2. It looks to me like the top of a deck case that has been cut off. I'm going to let my imagination run wild and guess that the effect is a torn and restored deck case. Who knows?
  3. there's actually two more frames you're missing. one has him with 2 (seemingly mag-striped/plastic) cards, and the other with a dollar bill of some sort.

    I hope this works with Canadian currency. Some tricks don't. We don't get any love. :D
  4. i don't know how you can't see this but it looks exactly like he is opening up a deck.
  5. Yeah that's what I see. Looks like he's showing something has vanished from the inside or something. Who knows....
    More info on Friday. :)
  6. just looks like the top of an open card box, to me. o_O
  7. Cant you just wait? They always do this, Its to make you wanna know so bad but you cant
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    Guys, it's a teaser, for all we know they could be showing this but the actually thing is making a panda disappear then reappear with a tutu on. Patience is the key ;) This Friday...

    ... I hope it is a panda trick, the last one I bought had really bad angles.
  9. I also saw 2 cards being pressed against each other.

  10. it looks like a card deck box going into your ear....
  11. Yeah, it's just an open card box. The flap is extended all the way out and below it is the empty card box. I also saw two cards being pressed together and it looked as if they were credit cards/gift cards
  12. Yea but we have magnetic coins so HA!

    Looks to me like a card case...:p
  13. That would be one big ear!:D
  14. Why does EVERYONE have the sentences in your signature posted on everything?!
  15. They originated on YouTube as one of those viral "post me on another video" type of posts. So, they got around quickly. And it looks like he liked them enough to add them to his sig. :)
  16. Can someone elighted me on this?? What is the Symphony trailer?

    EDIT - never mind, ignore my ignorance :D

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