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Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by j.bayme, Nov 30, 2007.

  1. If I got the cards added to my cart, but haven't checked out, does that mean that I can still purchase them?
  2. yay. got another brick
  3. Wow crazy, I got my six that I wanted. Must have been lucky as hell. I just wanted to see what the fuss was about, and then most likely ebay the rest... Dolla dolla bill yall.
  4. I ordered a brick of wynn's....but I have yet to get my email confirmation/receipt...im getting worried.
  5. You'll probably see an error or "sold out" notification while checking out because the release window has ended and the supply for the day is up.

  6. Well, see right now all I have to do is click "Complete Order" and I'm done, but I don't really want to click and find out that I got them, when I don't have the money. Should I contact customer support?
  7. Got my brick =].

    It's not that hard guys:

    If you have an account, then you don't have to put in billing or shipping information.

    If you save your credit card (which I don't really recommend although I resorted to doing so) then you don't have to put in any credit card information.

    I clicked refresh every 10 seconds starting at 11:58 and was able to get the Wynns with only having to enter a total of 25 characters and 8 clicks of the mouse.

    Good luck to all tomorrow and congrats to those who got them today =].

    ~David Rysin
    Now I've figured out the problem that I was experiencing and I will be gettin me some tomorrow night.
  9. Yesterday I saw that error the first time and it told me to take out all the wynns and try the order again. I just tried again with them... And it ordered? I'm not complaining, I got the receipt for it in my email! ^^
  10. Got my receipt.

    Thank T11
  11. I didn't get a confirmation email either, but my checking account is definitly down about 40 bucks, so that pretty much confirms it. If unsure, just check your bank online.

    Oh I got a pack of guardians also to see what the fuss is about, and maybe win that holiday contest.... hmmm that would be nice.
  12. Yea...I ordered six packs of the second edition guardians. Ive got six of the first, and now six of the second. That'll last for a bit.
    I usually only use regular bicycle red and blue backed cards...but love the idea of collecting all sorts of random decks and such.
  13. ya neither did i, but in my order history, it shows the wynn's, does that mean the order was susscesful?
  14. Darn, slept through my alarm. Woke up 4 hours late. Gonna start eating my arm now..... although, it could come in useful for when i try tomorrow.... i'll leave the arm eating till tomorrow! :p
  15. Haha, same here, i was 3 hours away 2am in the U.K and i thought id lay down for a min, before i new it i woke up and its 9am, damn im so annoyed atm . But theres always tomorow i hope.:D

    Take care.

    Da. Speedfreak.
  16. That's so unlucky for you guys! Here in Alaska, the Theory11 midnight is 8 PM! Haha. I don't have to set alarms I'm just... Ready haha. I can't even imagine how sucky it must be in the UK
  17. Haha

    Im not even gonna start on the weather over here,:D

    Take care.

    Da. Speedfreak.

  18. Ya know...Dana would probably GIVE you a brick of wynns if you started to eat your arm...and post a picture of course. But, I want to see blood, and lots of it dammit!!!!!!!!!

    (Does that make me a bad person?! :D)
  19. Make it two bricks, and ill film it. :eek:

    Da. Speedfreak.

  20. I never ordered something from theory11 but ofcourse Im about to order some Wynns. So I haven't got a customeraccount, and as far as I know you can only create one by ordering something. I don't want to take chances filling out the whole form at 6 o clock in the night while ordering my Wynns. Is it possible to create a customeraccount without buying anything (yet)?

    Thanks in advance

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