Special Announcement : Wynn Decks - Limited Supply Released

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by j.bayme, Nov 30, 2007.

  1. if you have a torrent program running, shut it down! torrent programs slow the crud cakes out of your internet running speed:mad:
  2. hmm.. how would you know?
  3. A little birdie probably told him....:D

    ~David Rysin
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    Damn im like a zobie at the min, due to staying up for the last couple of days, due to everyone being so fast, and because i live in the U.K its 5am when they resell!! but this time i have come equipt, i have an account now!!!!!!

    *Evil laugh* You cant stop me now!!!:p

    Anyways good luck to everyone for the next batch.

    Take care.

    Da. Speedfreak.

  5. you should just shut them down all together.........................

  6. Why? Torrents are not just used for pirating. Sadly, this is the main reason for their popularity. However, I use torrents all the time for allocating linux ISO's, Live dvd's, lavasoft, updates, and other open source programs. Maybe thats why he had torrents running... don't jump to conclusions :) I have a torrent running right now for fedora core 8, ubuntu studio, and open office.... all legal :D
  7. you took the words right out of my mouth. thanks.

  8. I understand and respect your points, but the majority of the people out there use torrents for pirating...
  9. i had no problem getting 12 decks. its been shipped, so i can't wait to receive them, hopefully later this week.
  10. YESSS!!!! Finally got my 6 decks of WYNNS!! Took me one minute to type
  11. Hmm. That was the largest time of all. Looks like the demand is slowly getting filled.
  12. Not at all-- came in like 3 minutes after launch! INSANELY fast typers. :D
  13. Whew, I got my 12 decks of Wynn. I can't believe I made it since I also had to create my Customer Account as well.
  14. Finally, got myself 3 wynns, it looked like sold out in 6 minutes. thats crazy.
  15. The demand could increase once people start getting their orders as well. I know I am holding out to see how they really feel before I order more than I already have.

  16. I got 12, cause I figure, if I don't like them, I can at least sell them for the $5 I paid for them once T11 ran out. I'm not looking for a profit. I'll even sell for like $4 if I really dislike them that much. You can never have too many cards :p
  17. Ok.... I woke up with 5 minutes to find my credit card in the dark, turn on my laptop, and get to the page selling Wynns. I wake up again at 9.30 to find my laptop in sleep mode and that i cant move my hand because its gripping the remains of my credit card in a tight fist, which now looks like i've been trying to break into somebodys house with it.

    Im still determined to get a brick though! it will happen!
  18. Tricky ricky...you broke your credit card? haha!
  19. Yeah, this is the most annoying release ever! I've failed to wake up and stay up for long enough 4 times, and i've bent my credit card!
  20. Wow.

    I have been in bed for literally the past 28 hours and get onto the computer to see this surprise... I'm happy to see it :)

    Stomache flu sine Sunday night... Still hurting from it. Hope to pick atleast one of this up tonight, if I am able to stay up that long without passing out :D

    Save one for me!!


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