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Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by j.bayme, Nov 30, 2007.

  1. I feel like I've seen more than 3000 decks of Jerries in the last month on ebay. And Katie said there were only 3000 of these brown Wynns made, making them rarer than Jerries. I'll be glad to have them when the supply runs out
  2. Just to clarify, I'm not sure where the 3,000 number came from-- not any of Katie's posts. There were certainly more than 3,000 Jerry's printed initially, and the Wynn definitely printed more than 3,000 of each color of the Wynn Decks.

    The brown decks, however, are the most rare by a multiple of 10-- and are completely different in feel and finish than the red and the blues (in a good way). They handle perfectly.

    We do only have a limited supply, so we definitely will run out soon-- but we'll of course stay on the lookout for more.
  3. Thanx for clarifying, 3000 did sound wrong to me....
  4. I just ordered a brick, just wndering if the christmas cntest cncerns the Wynn decks ?

    like do we get a chance t win the prizes if we order wynns?
  5. The Holiday Contest only involves decks of Bicycle Guardians:

    "EVERY deck of Bicycle Guardians sold between TODAY (November 23rd) and December 31st at 11:59pm EST is a chance to win. On the outside of 11 randomly selected decks in our warehouse is a hologram sticker that designates it as a winner, and on the inside is a single matte black card."

    However, getting your hands on the rare brown Wynns is like winning the contest, itself. ;)

  6. I wonder how many of the Wynns were ordered?
  7. Sold out for the day in 63 minutes! Quantity will refresh at midnight EST each night.
  8. My first order from T11....pretty sweet deal to pick these up and much appreciated that you guys went out of your way to pick these up. Looking forward to checking these out and seeing how they feel. Hopefully the first order of many once a certain something is sorted out and finished =)

  9. I kn9w it sunds a bit stupid but when are the Wynns being shipped?
  10. not ordered but taken. Rumor has it that the rest of the T11 crew hit Chris with a Taser and infiltrated his cave to sell these decks. I think they still have him in the dungeon untill all the decks are sold from his cave, then they will release him.
  11. thats' what I get for going out for lunch.. I MISSED IT! arg
    thanks for the refresh time JB! i'm going to set 3 alarms on it!
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    The Brown Wynn Decks should be shipped within 24 business hours of your order, as with all orders.
    I believe that's classified information.

  13. Just ordered five.
  14. Just added a ton of new pics to the Wynn page. Sweet. Might have to clear your cache to see.
  15. beautifull

    simply fantastic ;). this is my first order from you guys as well... i'm looking forward to the wynns...great job :D

  16. hey...what if you order now? I just ordered three and found out that they were sold out....is my money lost? or will I get them tommorow? (I mean like, are thye reserved? or am I screwed?)
  17. If you were able to place your order, then you WILL receive the decks. No worries.

  18. Edit: Mr. Raiker is a lighting-fast typist and/or typer. :D

    If your order went through, then you're getting them. You should have received a confirmation email for your order. Don't worry, your money won't be taken unless your getting your Wynns.

    The fastest way to get an answer is to simply submit a support ticket to theory11 support at www.theory11.com/support. All support tickets are answered within 12 business hours, and, if there is an issue, it will be resolved as swiftly as possible.

  19. WOW! Just want to say thank you to Theory11 for making these available to us! I was in school at the time, and unable to order today. But you can bet I'll be ordering some tomorrow! ;)

    Thanks T11!!!!
  20. O.K. tghanks guys! :) I can;t wait!

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