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  1. Hi everybody!
    So, for the majority of my magic career, I've been performing close up, but I recently decided I want to try something at stage, for an up and coming talent show this year, and I've gotta' good 5 months or so. I figured I should start eventually, since, if I plan on continuing with my magic, that getting to stage would be inevitable at some point in my magic career.
    But again, I'm only starting, so... I guess I'd want something that was beginner's, simple, but also... Just something that's just a great effect in general. I've heard that uh... I think it's called, "Snowstorm", where someone takes a tissue, and fans it, and it all turns into, well, what looks like a snow storm? I've heard great things about that one.
    Another question I've had though, is, if I took one of the newer effects here on T11; "Smoke". A year ago, I saw that performance, where Lorenzo Paletti, blew that smoke into the wine glass, and passed it... Words couldn't explain the astonishment and amazement I felt. I've always wanted to perform that, but I really don't like the idea of smoking at all. And I wanted to do this, but I'm not sure if it'd be good, for on stage.
    All insights and opinions are appreciated! Thank you!
  2. I don´t agree about the "Snowstorm" trick..I have seen it countless of times, I think it´s time for a change...

    Smoke seems don´t have to do a patter about smoking..maybe something about "Interior Fire" or something along those lines...or maybe something about pyrokinesis...
  3. Urrm if you are talking about passing smoke from one wine glass to another though Pouring the smoke, it really isn't that astounding...It's an old bar and cigarette trick that is done a lot. However, if you use pouring of smoke to one glass to another, then proceed to either turn said poured smoke into a silk or some other object, it will have more of an effect. Basically what I am saying, pouring smoke to another glass isn't as amazing as seeing it done in a combination of other effects.

    On the note of snowstorm, yeah I hate seeing it done over and over again, expecially with the same story about seeing snow for the first time and wanting to replicate the experience alfalsjflkasfkahsfljasdfljkasdfjdsklfj. OOO it just makes my twitch. You see that random group of letter that is me twitching. I highly suggest you pick up the Tarbel books for some long forgotten pieces of stage magic and illusionettes. Heck even Mark Wilson's course has plenty of material to make a terrific starting show out of.

    Yeah snow storm heh, Jeff Mcbride has a different version out where instead of just random bits of confetti, Butterflies appear to fly through the air instead.
  4. That is crazy. Everything you've said is what I've been thinking about the past 3 days. EXACTLY.

    I got a cheap set of billiard balls from a magic shop. It isn't easy as I've heard from the dealer but I tried it out and today is my second day and I got a routine down for the talent show I have at my school which will start soon. I do need to worry about angles with mine because the audience could be a bit more around me.

    For stage if you like you can do a music act. I like it and in-between the music and such you can talk briefly with the audience and get an assistant if you like. Do whatever you want. Snowstorm isn't bad. My friend Luis does make a good point that it is being a little too popular nowadays however make sure YOU have fun. Be creative too.

    I was thinking about producing a live goldfish out of a glass of water. Maybe a hamster out of the hat or something. I do like doves so maybe that too.

    I hear doves are very fun though you do need to train them it is not hard.

    Anyway, I hope I helped at least a little.

    Here's a good video of an acquaintance of mine Anthony Chacon:

    Have a good one,

  5. I just saw his version in a show he did in my city...AWESOME!! he then took just one butterfly and mantained it in the air using his fan...that is not magic per se...but those touches is what makes a great show!!
  6. I am thinking about doing a dove act..but with a little twist...a dark twist...

    and are as lovely as a Dove...heck..a lot more!!

    p.d. I felt like making a compliment..
  7. Awwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww

    Thanks Luis.
  8. I'd recommend anything by Andrew Mayne.

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