Standard Poker Size Wynns

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by goodtechs, Feb 7, 2008.

  1. Hi guys

    I was wondering...

    Does T11 is gonna release any type of Standard Poker Size Wynns???

    I wanna have one of those decks, they're awesome

    I only own The browns wynns that are Jumbo Index

    Good Luck

  2. Daniel Madison is actually going to start selling red and blue Wynns on his website sometime soon, so wait a while and check that out.

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  4. GGS and Kardwell is already selling them...
  5. Yeah, but seeing as he wanted to know if Theory11 was going to sell them, I gave him the closest thing.

  6. Exactly

    U nailed it
  7. I dont think that there are brown wynns with standard index pips. I'm pretty sure they only have red and blue standard index wynns. A few places sell the red and blue ones as stated above. Incase you missed it, Kardwell and GGS sell those. Thanks d4v1dm15n3r for informing me about Daniel's sight.
  8. Errr so? Why can't I inform him that these sites also sell Wynns? He might have not known other places other than DM's soon to be released Wynns and just wanted some quickly.
  9. I didn't say you couldn't. I just said he asked about T11 so I gave him something related to T11. No need to get upset.

  10. When did I say I was upset?
  11. I don't think theory11 will sell red and blur wynns. Check other threads, kate explains why.
  12. Man, I like Wynns, but this topic has been beaten to death.

    Try a search next time, all these questions have been answered.
  13. I think that Chris Kenner and Dave Buck use Brown Standard Poker Size Wynns in some of the 1 on 1's.
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    I didnt realize that. I'm going to go check.

    They dont have any that I found.
  15. Mind telling which video cause the only ones they use are red ones.
  16. Those are red Wynns...

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