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Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by MagikMakir, Jul 6, 2009.

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  1. This is ridiculous.
  2. Dude y'll are stupid I am not lamont, You all are like sheep latching to a theory and attacking it till it is dead. I aint lamont.

  3. This thread is PATHETIC!

  4. I didnt know sheep could latch onto a theory, or attack....well anything for that matter.

    Not only do you fail at grammar, but also bring shame to the english language at twice the speed of normal netizens.
  5. Like Lamont, you say "This is true" without suppling any evidence whatsoever.

    You also enjoy name calling, like Lamont.

    You're probably Lamont, but if not, you're following in his footsteps closely.

  6. ?, what ever that meant?

    Also, you must be Lamont, if not, you sure are becoming one.

  7. So you can re-arrange the physical compounds of rhybo neclaic acid(SP?) structures... That doesn't necessary mean you can win the spelling bee.

    Lets be fair.
  8. Haha, that was great. Either way, let's try to figure out what the topic is and stick to it.

    lol your wrong


    Fine Mr. Faust,

    Conformists are like leaches they latch onto what is "cool hip"
    While all of you hae your DANDD, and whomever else.

    LAMONT went with the one no one wanted to be.


  10. Actually, I believe everythings been on point so far.

  11. Still don't know what you're saying.

    But are you implying that Lamont is just another Criss Angle wannabe?

  12. plis guys, I dont want this closed, plis, stop the hating and just comment, you guys should be saying sorry instead of dissing our grmmar, ver mature of you.

    If any of you have a problem with me, please, send me a Pm instead od creatinga discusiion here, thanks.
  13. I was gonna say that, but when a person says something so stupid, they fall the below the competence line too far for me to waste my time talking to them.

    And Lamont said that he was an engineer of some sort on another forum, before they found out he was only 13 or so. :D
  14. The people who try to be like anyone get hate on here. Look at the videos of people dressing acting and sounding like DaD, they get just as much hate as the people trying to be like david blaine or anyone else.

    If lamont really thinks that all we want to do is bring him down, then he is wrong. Simple.

    Whenever I say something stupid, people call me out on it. For no reason other than they want the preservation of the art.
  15. You made a thread, we don't like said thread, we will say so in said thread.

    Why even make a thread if you don't wanna discuss your point?

    And linking to your own videos doesn't get you any more hits. We've all seen 'em already.

    And you're the one who called us stupid. We've thrown no names at you.
  16. Well I assure you I am not 13 but older then your mother.


    I don't want to hurt any of y'll feelings but

    You all are
  17. I didn't say that you were 13, and my mom is 62! :D
  18. Im not lamont.
  19. If not, then you sure are acting like him.

  20. If you're a native English speaker, you better have a damn good excuse to communicating like you're typing blindfolded with a tack hammer.

    RD is Mexican and speaks English as a second language, and his grammar still curb stomps yours.

    Anyway, I've been following most of Lamont's threads and he takes 90% of the constructive criticism he gets and wipes his ass with it. It took us months to convince him to stop making ****ty montages and film live audiences.

    And in creating this thread, you are part of the damn problem. Stop telling him how great he is and smack his ego back down to where it belongs. Don't tell us to stop criticizing him when he obviously needs the help. Check out the thread I posted earlier today and you'll see exactly what I think of you and your ilk: you're parasites. You only serve to exasperate the egos that hold people back from improving because you encourage stagnation, stultification, and egotism.
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