Stop the hating

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Jan 11, 2008
I agree... Stop worshiping Lamont so much and stop boosting his ego as well.

Nov 16, 2008
In the not to distant future
If you're a native English speaker, you better have a damn good excuse to communicating like you're typing blindfolded with a tack hammer.

RD is Mexican and speaks English as a second language, and his grammar still curb stomps yours.

Anyway, I've been following most of Lamont's threads and he takes 90% of the constructive criticism he gets and wipes his ass with it. It took us months to convince him to stop making ****ty montages and film live audiences.

And in creating this thread, you are part of the damn problem. Stop telling him how great he is and smack his ego back down to where it belongs. Don't tell us to stop criticizing him when he obviously needs the help. Check out the thread I posted earlier today and you'll see exactly what I think of you and your ilk: you're parasites. You only serve to exasperate the egos that hold people back from improving because you encourage stagnation, stultification, and egotism.

I'm reposting this simply because it was probably skipped over. This is the truth.

Deleted member 2755

... I won't say much. I'll just say that MagikMakir is a fake account of a very active user on here who I am a little disappointed with right now. MagikMakir... Due to the fact that your real account has contributed a lot to this forum and I like you as a person, I'm willing to hear you out. Also, I'm sure you're more than aware how I can figure out who you are. You made it fairly obvious for me. Almost like you wanted me to figure out who you were. Anyway, I'll give you a chance to send me a PM yourself. If you don't, I'll PM you in a bit. It's very unlike you to do something like this.

Anyway, I'm watching Pirates of the Caribbean at World's End (haven't seen it yet and so far it's good). So do me a favor and send me a PM within the next few minutes explaining why you did what you did... Thanks.

I'll leave it at that.

Not open for further replies.
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