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Will you buy SUB ROSA by Jason England?

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  1. YES

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  2. NO

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  3. I will have to see

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  1. If the move works with ANY deck, then it's pointless to include 2 decks.
    Also i'm a bit suspicious about something so easy to learn...
    Anyway, the shipping is very high for me too, so i'm asking for a download version too.
    I'm hoping this is something really worth it, i know two different techniques to achieve the same effect, and i would be very disappointed if that was any of these... This would be a blind purchase, not so happy about that
  2. I could tell you what I think, what our team thinks, that we have a money-back guarantee, that we stand behind our work, and that I've personally been pursuing this project for six years. I could tell you that this is indisputably a powerful concept that you'll use in your card magic forever. But the reviews are in, and they say more than I ever could:

    Just posted by Blake Vogt:

    "Man oh man... after watching this, I 100% understand why Jason England did NOT want to talk about it. I've worked with a lot of methods for controlling cards that are "similar" to this but this has just melted my brain. I've heard rumors and whispers about this technique since I got into magic but I've never met someone who was able or willing to explain the secret to me. Sub Rosa has just changed the game for real. I'm using this from now on. If you're wondering or skeptical about this, GET IT... but DON'T TELL ANYONE. Boosh."
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    When you buy this do you instantly get access to the video/tutorial? I had planned on picking up Strong Magic and
    Totally Out of Control for some reading material, but this product seems interesting enough. Might just buy and drop a review, but by the trailer not 100% on what this moves includes. It can be used for gambling demonstrations, would that also mean it could aid in a real life gambling situation ie. texas hold em. What about the magical aspect? Does Jason go through some sample routines or is he just teaching the method, so essentially we have to deal with what we do with it.
  4. Don't use this move for cheating, it is a powerful thing to have, use it responsibly.
  5. I echo Bryant; while it can be used for that, we 100% do NOT suggest using it for that purpose as cheating in gambling can be very dangerous, and is not responsible by any means.
  6. Pff, I think my cheapest option was $22 USD, with at least 5 more options going up to over $150. Combine this with the exchange rate and you're looking at $74.40 AU, I don't think so.
  7. I see, understandable. Perhaps a video only option would be better for international buyers. It would be nice, but sadly unlikely.
  8. To be fair, i wasn't sure, but i was aware of this Technique. i had learned it through other sources yet never really took the time to perfect it due to it being more suitable for a Tabled setting(but not only limited too).

    Correct, in the right situation it's a fabulous Technique at your disposal, with the proper Work and practice... and of Course The Knowledge that Jason shares is Invaluable

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