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Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by RXillusionist, Dec 21, 2008.

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    Hey, guys.

    I've worked on a trick for nearly two years now. I plan to submit it to Theory11, but before I do so, I would like advise from you guys. Are there any effects out there that might use the same method? Do you think Theory11 will accept it? All that jazz. Just throw me what you think :)

  2. the vid is privite so i can't see it. i want too =(
  3. Yeah no one can see it when it's private.
  4. Whats the password?
  5. Its private so no one can see it. I highly recommend you keep it that way too. Submit it to Theory 11. They have a bunch of people they go to for research on history of effects. If its not original, they will let you know.

    Good luck with this project.

  6. just click on his youtube link and its the first video

    I think its a really cool effect, I may be interested.
    Very visual, I would like to see some more performances
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    ooooooooooh. i like it. the only thing i don't like about it is that you need a box with the cellophane window. also wonder what the other applications look like.
    very straight foward, clean, and visual. I think it has some good potential.
    love it.
  8. Woah.... That..... Was.... FREAKIN SWEET DUDE!!!
  9. You should of keep it to your self. Then submit it to T11 or E or what ever. Then if none of them accepted it, release the video. Then if people like it, try to release it your self.

  10. That was amazing. I love it, just a shake and there it is. Top Notch dude.
  11. I've seen that trick before. I'm sorry to report it, but my friend is intending to sell a very similar if not exactly alike trick on his own website. I am sorry about it, but my friend has already created the trailer, the explanation vid, and set it up on his website. I apologize for any inconveniences, but please take this into effect. PM me if you want to discuss it further.

  12. Just so you know this isn't the first time a trick like this has been made.:rolleyes:

  13. I know, I mean it looks like that Daniel Madison's trick, but still, I just don;t want any conflict with anybody because the trick I was talking about is already about to be sold, and I just wanted him to know, you know.

  14. What the hell! that was awesome. i dont have a clue as to the method. that was really sweet.
  15. This looks very similiar to the David Forrest Effect : Holey Ambition.
    Although not exactly the same effect.
    The method may be the same
  16. Brilliant. Amazing effect. It fooled me. I would buy that.
  17. WOW! Thanks for all the advise and comments! As for who to submit to, E is definitely a NO! Theory11 it is.

    I can't seem to find a David Forrest's Holey Ambition demo. Anybody have a link?

  18. I like it but I am going to give you a suggest of a different patter which in my opinion will make the effect stronger:
    So the pectator pulls out a card [ 5 Spades ] and returns it to the deck. After a few words you say the card vanishes from the deck, you spread showing it vanished and then you say " right now your card is invisible traveling through the air if I give the card box a shake I can get your card to go into the box".
    Just a suggestion.
    If you release this I will be a buyer:)
  19. haha Nice patter, Like "If I wave the box, I can catch it.". I liked that.
    And one more time for the trick *claps*
  20. THANK YOU [ Word Count ]

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