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  1. This is what RX said in the comments section on youtube in response to if the card could be signed:

  2. Okay Just throwing my knowledge into the pot here
    Holey ambition is now called loophole just for an fyi and is nothing like this effect. Also why try and sell it other then to get some money and recognition? You have your recognition right here at this wonderful place called theory11. If you want money try to get a job doing strolling.

    Also I really enjoy the effect. Great work.

    I only right like I do above because i feel you have something different.
  3. Loophole is NOT the same as Holy Ambition... I own both. There are made by the same company, and have the same basic effect, but the method is totally different.
  4. Sorry if I gave wrong information the link that I found that was linked to holey ambition went to loophole so can You inform ust as to whether or not this trick is similar to HA.
  5. Loophole has a similar effect to Holy Ambition. The method is different. So they are not the same.
  6. Why not E? Is it because you are so loyal to T11 and so naive that you can't go to another magic website to order top-notch magic products. It is obviously an amazing effect and if he thinks it is a good choice to bring it to E let him do so. Even if he goes to Penguin he has been working on this for 2 years perfecting an almost perfect effect and he wants to release it to the public. He doesn't have to do this but he is choosing to so be happy for him say "Congrats!" and buy his effect whether it is from E, T11, Penguin, DnD, or MJM. It is a good effect, I like it, You like it, He likes it, She likes it, we all like it, we will all buy it.
  7. Alright guys!

    I've (finally) decided to submit this trick. Still thinking who to submit it to... either Mental Playground or Theory11... I think it's quite safe to say this trick is original and there's no other trick out there that uses the same method.

    More info about Untouched:

    An approximate 160 degrees area in front of you (No one directly at the sides or behind you).

    Very easy to make, and should last you about 500 performances. MANY ways of making your gimmick. You should have the stuff lying round your house. Easy to conceal, and is very small and very light.

    Production, Vanishing, Transposition, Change, Penetration, Restoration (No typo! Put a few tears into a business card, dump it into the box and restore it!). I think, with a little ego and imagination, you can apply ALL of the ten theories of magic, PLUS the eleventh one ;)

    Untouched is not limited to cards... That's all I'll say for now... There are many variations with the Untouched gimmick, and I'm sure the people at whoever I submit it to will think of many more. Some you can sign, some you can't, and some happen IN the spectator's hands. Of course, every one has it's pros and cons. When performed live, you can control WHEN the gimmick is activated, and you can HEAR the card land slap bang in the box.

    I'll shut up before this turns into some sort of advertisement...
  8. Why not just submit it too a bunch of different magic websites. YOu have a better chance of them accepting your trick.
  9. OH MY GOD!!! this sounds absolutely incredible!!! i'm going to go crazy if this doesn't get published. lol
  10. Don't wanna burst your bubble, but the guy who wrote that is the guy that made the trick, just letting you know
  11. I've heard a lot about E, I know a lot about E ... and I know who to submit this effect to. I love Penguin, MJM, DnD, T11... and I'm not a fan boy or loyal dog to ANY of these magic companies. :D
  12. i have a(some) question(s):

    Can you set up the gimmick with your box for example and walk around with the cards inside and then be ready to preform when ever you want?

    Can you have it set up and go into a few routines and then preform Untouched after as a closer?

  13. Sure! You can have the gimmick anywhere near you (in your close up bag, pocket, etc.) and ANYTIME, ANYWHERE you can perform Untouched (as long as you have the gimmick with you).

    Yes. You can take the cards out, let them fiddle with the box while you do your card favourites, and then whenever you think you should do Untouched, load the gimmick with a little misdirection and away you go. Easy!
  14. How do you know there is nothing like this if you don't own either Holy Ambition or Loophole?
  15. Sure, the effect is similar, but I'm quite sure it uses different methods.
  16. Do you own either to be absolutely sure?
  17. Well, I own Loophole, but I don't have Holey Ambition, but still...
  18. So you have no idea if this is original. You've never even seen Holy Ambition, and it was published years before you even created this.
  19. Haha I HAVE seen Holey Ambition being PERFORMED
  20. Do you know the method to be absolutely certain it's not the same as the one you independently created?

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