Subway Revolution

Discussion in 'Magic Forum' started by navasai&Lents, Feb 26, 2009.

  1. I personally don't like how subway is done so i had an idea,variation of it were the card comes out face up between two face down cards instead.
    it's basicly the same just reversed.

    okay now what i need

    how do i flip the selection over right after the dnb spread control. so it's face up, and the rest is easy.

  2. that doesnt really work you see
    because then you cant make sure which are the cards you used.
    it may as well be any two random cards.
    and turning it face up would be too fiddly
  3. You can do a half pass motion with the card, by curling your middle finger around the left edge and flipping it over. But that's a little too fiddgety and plus, it's now got the same discrepancy of Card Across. The card starts face down and ends up face up? In theory, if the transportation of a card did exist, then it would simply fly over to the other hand, it wouldn't flip over mid-flight.
  4. In Andthensome, they talk about how "Cards Across" was not as good as it could be because of how the card goes in face down and comes out face up. From how you described this, it sounds like that's what you would be doing. It makes more sense for the card to come out the same way it went in.

    Now... If you could get it to go in face up, and come out face up, without a duplicate ;) then that would be truly amazing.

  5. 1) No reason to.
    2) Takes away from the suspense of having a card "teleport".
    3) I don't see why you would want this.

  6. it fits a routine. plain and simple
  7. The thing Chad Nelson does on Surfaced. Not sure of the original source but someone could help.

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