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Discussion in 'Product Questions and Reviews' started by MarcusO, Dec 22, 2017.

  1. From what I have read there was only 100 decks printed that were offered to elite members 2 years ago.

    I occasionally see a deck on eBay (once a month or so) anywhere from $130-$250 currently.

    Does anyone know where to get a deck from any other source than the super inflated price currently on eBay? ($250) ( the seller now has sold 2 other summer decks in the past 2 months $130 and $160) him selling 3 out of 100 available decks makes me a little wary as well...

    Thoughts or advice is appreciated
  2. I think directing this specific question to T11 customer service will get you better answers.
  3. There were WAY more than 100 decks printed. We only had the ability at that time to use 100 decks, so we offered them up to Elite Members. Most of the other decks printed were used by MailChimp.

    There may be a few more decks around here somewhere...

    // L
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