Sybil Cut?

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  1. Hi Guys,

    I have been trying to learn the Sybil cut, but the flourishing DVDs I have don't go over it slow enough.

    Against my better Judgement I went to youtube and found a few video's, but they all taught different versions!

    Were can I learn the original Sybil cut???


  2. You can learn varaitions of it. Its Chris Kenner's move, and i think it'll be in his TOOC book. (Totally Out of Control.) Not sure, someone please correct me otherwise.

    You can learn Sybil from Disk 3 of the Trilogy, under Flourishes 101. Dan&Dave teaches it very nicely even without audio. They also teach 'Five faces of sybil' there which is a nice variation, and a prerequisite and one of the phases to their harder flourish, The Jackson 5.

    You can also learn it in Brian Tudor's "Generation Xtreme". He quickly goes over a variation there which is never ending and is called ' what the hell happened to sybil'.

    That's all i know that teaches the move. Other than a couple of youtube vids. Didnt Kevin Ho put a tutorial for a cut he called Sybil 947?
  3. I learned mine from the Dan & Dave Trilogy.
  4. Absolutely correct. You can find Sybil, Five faces of sybil and sybil the trick in his book TOOC. It is an excellent book.
  5. Yeah, TOOC and Trilogy Disk 3 have it.

    Kevin Ho's Sybil 947 is completely different... in my opinion a simpler cut.
  6. The best DVD instruction I've seen was from Geoff Williams in his Miracles for Mortals set. The DVDs are intended for experienced magicians who strive to simplify and streamline their work. As such, nothing in the DVDs are painfully knuckle-busting, and I'm sure you'll find something to use regularly besides the Sybil. There's some great, hard-hitting, SIMPLE magic in those DVDs.

  7. i used cardshark 88 vids on youtube, he's got like 5 parts all well taught

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