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  1. You will have to use the song as is.
  2. I will still use the same song but just in different format? is that acceptble?
  3. You'll need to edit your video to the soundtracks provided (whichever one you pick!), so you'll need to fill up that exact length.
  4. I think hes asking if we can edit the song to make it twice as long or something like that
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    Here is mine :) please subscribe, like and comment. Watch in HD for a better experience.

    5Aces1010 (Chris)
    Zandervat (Dan)

  6. Alright guys, you all have one more week to turn in your submissions! Deadline is next Friday, April 15th!
  7. If no one else submits, i have a 1 in 2 chance of winning

  8. You know, just as a suggestion, you guys should put up some decks along with the trophy so that all the group members get something if they win. Just a suggestion
  9. Excited to see your entries in the week ahead! You have a bit less than 7 days left to film, edit, and polish your video. The soundtrack provided is short (a minute) - which means you'll need to focus on how to maximize your content and make it truly incredible. If you had only a minute to show someone your skills and prove your chops, what would you show? That's what we want to see!
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  11. Here's our entry. Hope you guys like it.

  12. Here's our entry. Hope you guys like it.


    Director「Kete Moon」
    Cameraman「Porscho Lo」
    Performer「Jex Lee」
  13. While I will admit that the moves were awesome, why did you do the push-ups?

    Awesome fan by the way. Looked tight.
  14. Wow ! Awesome video.. Nice flourish ! The Video editing skill is Insane ! Great.. 5 Stars for you guys.

  15. Wait wait wait wait.... did I just see a jacked magician?
  16. It's a awesome video guy's !
    But is you're madonna not the jackson 5?

  17. What editing software did you use; it looked amazing!!!
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    Theory 11 CCC 2011 Entry

    Heres our entry!
    Kenny N.

    Same as Performers

    Same as Cameramen

  19. Prizes

    Hello, since there are 2 or more people in a group, don't you guys think we should get some decks as well so we can EQUALLY SHARE them with our TEAMMATES because that is COLLABORATION. Just a thought :)
    But Jerry's Nuggets would be nice...
  20. If you open the video in vimeo he says it's edited in FCP which i guess would be Final Cut Pro. :)
    Sick video and editing. 5 stars from me too. Congratulations.

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