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  1. Hi, we are from Indonesia and this is OUR entry for

    Theory 11's Cardistry Collaboration Contest 2011.


    Card Flourishers:
    Rizky Laganda
    Adi Eka Putra
    Abie Jie Assegaff

    Shooting and editing:
    Bayu Ajie Purnomo
  2. A little bit less than 6 HOURS REMAINING to upload your submissions and link it in THIS forum thread by 11:00PM EST!
  3. Right click on it and click "Download Linked File"
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    Here's our entry:


    Flourishes performed by Austin Harms and Chad Saechao
    Filmed by Austin Harms and Chad Saechao
    Edited by Austin Harms

    Enjoy and expect to see more from us in the future! :)
  5. "In The Blue Sky"

    Ok so here is our entry "In The Blue Sky" http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=lhvdnYS-_dg

    Performance: Krzysztof Kowalski
    Cinematography: Maciej Dzięgielewski

    This is a very low budget video soot with handcam. However We've tried to improve some orginality in cinematographic sphere. The main idea was to shoot most of video for above. The blue saturation comes naturally couse of rain whlie we're shoting so we decided to use this as an advantage and try to keep the video in the same colors. We hope You'll like it.
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  7. Awesome Video Jex!!!!!Good luck!
  8. nice and flashy i like it XD

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