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  1. Oh man this event has me checking back to the forums at an unhealthy amount per day. Release the music tracks already! *eyes blood shot red from excitement*
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    Umm, I can't flourish but if anyone wants me to be a part of a team I can edit! :)

    PM me if you do :D

    EDIT: I'm in a team now so, forget what I said.
  3. We're all dead!...

    Hopefully Garry A will come as well as thevirts. And wouldn't it be sick if DnD entered? Maybe Ambrose and Ben? Oliver, Tobias, Nikolaj and Dennis? Dang, if all of them enter, this is going to be sick!
  4. Have the tracks already been published?
  5. when will the music be released?
  6. The winner should get the trophy, 5 Jerrys, 5 White Centurions, 5 Brown Wynns and their choice of 100 decks of playing cards. The cards should also be signed by T11 members
  7. I am excited to announce that the music has now been released! It's time to get started - make it happen. As indicated in the official rules, you have YOUR choice of one of the following two tracks. You can only use ONE song in your video, and you are permitted to use these tracks for this contest only (they remain under copyright by theory11). The songs were composed from scratch for Genesis v2, and were modified specifically for the CCC2011 event. Each has a different style and vibe to it, and which song you use is up to you. Make it count.


  8. I would add a chris kenner to that and dana hocking to warm up your hands.
  9. We will try to include Chris Kenner as well. We will ship him via Fedex to your house and leave him at your front door. Right now, we're working very hard to fit him into an envelope. It's not working out too well. The good news is that the trophy is AMAZING.
  10. Hey,
    How do you download the song on a mac?
  11. erm, song A is only 1 min. that means our video can only last for a minute or can we audio edit it a little?
  12. If you right click (or hold Control and left click) on the link to either song, you should be presented with a sub-menu in your browser where you can hit Save Target As or Save Link As. Save the file to your Desktop, and you should be good to go!
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    All I get is :
    Reload page
    Open in dashboard
    and print page

    Never mind I have figured it out
  14. Is there any time limit to the video??? Because the tune given is only 1 min...I'm confused :s.
  15. I would like to know this as well...
  16. Your video must use the entire track, so yes, your video is limited to the track's length. Remember, only one track in your video, and the track should be used for this contest ONLY. These tracks remain under copyright by theory11.
  17. In soviet russia, Chris Kenner fits you.


    Thread wise, I really like cardistry, But I do not have enough original material to participate in. Looking forward to see the videos guys :)
  18. YES u have to use the whole thing
  19. For the two songs that are assinged here, may I ask for a slightly change? I would like to cut and remix one of the songs that fits to my performance. does that conform to the regulations?

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