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  1. What cards? What 100 decks of cards? Last time i checked it was only the trophy.

    p.s. when i say 'only' i don't mean to undermine it, it's really awesome.
  2. That is the Madonna from Jackson 5. And yeah, the editing is sick!
  3. Hey guys! This is mine (Paul Robaia), Jack Hernstadt, and Hector Garcia's entry towards the 2011 Cardistry Collaboration Contest. This was filmed on location at Magic-Con 2, 2011. We hope you guys enjoy this as much as we enjoyed making this.
  4. Good Luck to everyone!! :D
  5. epic,icandy,quick,flashy,techy,futuristic,astounding,and AWESOME!!! XD U GUYS ROCK
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    Here's our entry, Thank you very much.

  7. That was awesome!!
  8. My entry.
    filmed by Marcin Kubiak
    performed by me:) Dominik Sobczak
  9. No, you saw a jacked flourisher. lol
  10. Team: 4 the HelL
    Members: Allen Wang, (white Arcane - 5 month) Laputa (Black Arcane - 1.5 yr)
    Both of us are students from Xiamen, P.R.C

  11. nice video...
  12. Ccc 2010

    Name: This is what we do

    Team: 4 The HelL

    Members: Allen Wong (White Arcane, 5 months) Laputa (Black Arcane, 1.5 yr)

    Country: Xiamen, PRC

  13. 2011 CCC entry: This is what we do

    Team members: Allen Wang (white Arcane) Laputa (Black Arcane)

    From: Xiamen , China

  14. Super nice
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    theory11 - Cardistry Collaboration Contest 2011



    JorTorBALL (Guardians deck)

    Terry Lu (Sentinels deck)

    A-Supoj (Centurion deck)


    Directed, Filmed, Edited:


    Suan Rod Fai Park, Chatuchak, Bangkok, Thailand


    Thank you.
  16. I need a quick reply please.
    I've just realized that most of the videos have the move's names in the videos.
    Sorry if I missed this, but is that one of the rules? To name every single moves in the video?

  17. No, that is not a rule. I think people are just trying to make it easier for you to know what the moves used are so that you don't need to ask.
  18. Cool. That what I was thinking too.
  19. 12 MORE HOURS to get your submissions in for this year's CCC2011! Put your final touches on them and link us the video in THIS forum thread by 11:00PM EST! We can't wait to see what you guys have in store for us!

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