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Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by j.bayme, Apr 12, 2010.

  1. Great! I'm up for it. I got my dough ready! I hope it'll cost more than average ha. I want this all for myself.
  2. daang! I can't wait. this looks freaken sweet!
  3. Nice. But I have a question, wasn't Wayne Houchin planning something similiar called Implosion or Suffocate?
  4. Crush is in the process of duplication as we speak, so we are right on track for release one week from today - next Wednesday night. Very excited!
  5. Does this work on all kinds of bottles?

    Is there any advanced/hard set up clean up?
  6. Pretty much any bottle will work fine - Pepsi, Aquafina, etc. Whatever your preference is. In the performance clip we shot in NYC, Eric borrows a water bottle from a spectator. There's not really any clean-up - the spectator can have their bottle back at the end of the effect using either method.
  7. Man!! That can`t be true!!

    hahaha I am getting this as soon as it`s released!!
  8. Definite purchase

    Just by reading the description of the effect plus the picture of the crushed water bottle, I know that I will absolutely be purchasing one, once it's released on the 21st of April . I just hope the effect lives up to all the hype it has garnered so far, and I also hope it won't be too expensive!
  9. I just hope that there wont be any big gimmick or something you will have to carry around. Otherwise this will be perfect.
  10. There are TWO methods included in the DVD - one of which requires NO gimmicks whatsoever. In both versions, the bottle is normal. Did we mention that in the preview, you'll see it done with a CAN too? Ahhhh, I'm excited for tomorrow night.
  11. Is there a reason one would use the gimmick version over the gimmicked? Is it easier with the gimmick? Either way, it looks great so far guys.
  12. Both are extremely easy, but you may favor one method over the other depending on what kind of performing environment you're in. If you're the type that performs at casual parties for friends and doesn't want to carry around ANY gimmick, then the no gimmick method will be perfect for you. If you're performing in a stage, parlor, or walk around (restaurant) type environment, then the gimmicked method may be preferred.

    The effect - a bottle crushes - is the same regardless of method. I think the combination of methods adds ENORMOUS value to this DVD. You get flexibility to perform it with a gimmick, without a gimmick, anywhere, anytime.
  13. So this can be performed with a soda can?
  14. Yes; a water bottle or soda can will work with CRUSH.
  15. Just to clarify this - Crush will work with just about ANY type of bottle, and some types of cans. Kind of hard to elaborate on this without exposing the effect, so I'll let the preview video speak for itself tomorrow night.
  16. I will be here JBizzel.
  17. HOLLY PISS!!!!!!!!
    i gotta buy this.

  18. I have to admit, this sounds interesting. Looking forward to it!

  19. Four hours remaining. Make some popcorn, pull up a chair, enjoy!
  20. I'm looking forward to reviewing this product!

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