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Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by jonraiker, Mar 5, 2010.

  1. So am I right in assuming it's a control to the top? Or is it second to top?
  2. The control was to the top
  3. Ben Earl's goes to the top Tony's does not.

    Tony's is closer to Hooser's Slipstream control than Earl's Streamline control. However he added a convincing control aspect to the handling.
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    I was so focused, that i didn't see the flash.. :D

    It may look nice, but im [a little] tired of transpo effects..

    Nice try Tony :)

    but what up ?

    With a little misdirection, any spectator wouldn't even notice the flash...so why not just remove this thread and forget about this little mistake?

    This transpo is fun afterall :)
  5. if you use a cover card you can get it second or third from top
  6. Thanks jonraiker!

    Tony was on TinyChat last night, nice guy, has some slick moves. Checked out the video because someone plugged it and I noticed the flash right off the bat, but no big deal. As you said, a quick refilm and presto.

    It's a great change, I really enjoyed it. The angles look great, from what I noticed, keep the deck down and your gold.

    Speak no further Jon, let the discussions begin!
    DVR by Tony Chang ~ ExoMagic.com Forums
  7. Sorry, my previous comment kinda overshadowed the fact that i still really like the trick...

    Unfortunately i caught it first time, i guess that that is just how my brain is programmed to work now.

    Video and a real audience are so different, i dont think the flsh makes me think of the trick any less...
  8. I think there is worst flashes than this one...

    if you don´t believe me check Special K By Will Houstoun in Dan and Dave...in the demo he practically reveals the whole trick....I was asking myself why didn´t they re-film it...it was very carelessness...I thought Dan and Dave liked perfection...
  9. True, but this vid (as well as the one you mentioned) took me forever to even notice (this one more so than Special K). I was paying attention to other areas instead.
  10. I think it looks great! Too bad they don't accept PayPal; otherwise I would buy it immediately.
  11. I didn't notice until you mentioned it. I don't think that really counts as a flash, though, that's just something that the audience won't be looking for at that point in the effect. The camera saw it because the camera wasn't moving. If they filmed from the spectator's point of view, it would've flown right by.

    The bit in the DVR trailer is a flash, because it goes against what the script is saying. But still, I like the trick and I'm going to get it when I get some spare cash.
  12. I for one, liked that he flashed. I think it shows a sort of humility. It just goes to show that everyone makes mistakes. And it's not like he flashed a sleight, it was just a card. So I hope nobody is criticizing Tony's skillz for such a simple and barely visible mistake.

  13. I think it really counts as a flash...what would you do if somebody just called you out because of that?

    and I notice it the first time, because of the simple fact that the deck made an odd move...when is not suppose to move...
  14. Put yourself into the place of the spectator. You've selected a card and you are looking at it. You are asked to replace the card into a fan, which looks like you can see the back of every card. The fan is closed and the card at the top of the deck inverts instantly, and so does the rest of the deck.

    You're watching it as a magician, and through a camera that isn't filming as if it were reacting to the magic, which is why you see the 'flash.'
  15. It flew right by me 3 times in a row. A spectator (like I was) would be watching the ultra smooth color change...Not the card in the center.
  16. This whole thread has been about nothing other than a small mistake. Cumon guys.

    As for the trick, I was a little disappointed. I've followed Tony's blog for a long time, and love pretty much everyting he posts up.

    This trick, though, seems very unoriginal to me.

    Dan and Dave's DMB Spread control with an added idea that's been discussed an awful lot, even on these forums.

    A push of double that I remember Tony posted up for free on his blog, but had to take it down, can't remember why.

    Another minor add-on that has been discussed to no end to probably one of the most famous colour changes of recent times.

    And another one of Dan and Dave's ideas that was published I believe in Sleightly Magical, in the original TiVo 2.0

    I still love Tony's work and his card handling, to me, is inspirational. I was just a tad disappointed with this particular download, sorry Tony!
  17. He took the double turnover tutorial down because of inadequate crediting.
  18. Does he teach it in this download? (doubt it, but it's worth a shot).
  19. I don't have this download yet, so I couldn't tell you.
  20. Why are we discussing methods? I thought that was off limits.

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