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  1. theory11 presents a signature card routine from the mind of Tony Chang - DVR.

    Two cards transpose under impossible conditions. Included is an extremely deceptive control and a visual color change, all taught in complete detail by the man himself.

    See the preview video and order DVR now - exclusively in our 1-on-1 training section.
  2. That looks pretty sweet!

    Sadly, I won't be able to afford it for a while...going to be strapped for cash, what with Final Fantasy XIII coming out in a few days and all.

    I look forward to the reviews in the mean time. :)
  3. Clever name :p
    And it looks pretty sweet :D
  4. Looks ok,

    But my god that 'flash' is giant. Surprised they didnt refilm.
  5. Indeed, a clever name for a clever trick... I like it!
  6. Didnt even notice it till I showed my brother, who picked up on it straight away.

    Loved the trick though, Tony's great!!
  7. It´s really a giant flash...I feel that an spectator would call me out saying something "oh, but the card in the middle wasn´t my card I just saw it...and you say that the joker mimic my card...how can he mimic the card when is the wrong card in the first place?"

    they should re-film it...
  8. Great trick but HUGE flash...
  9. Ohhhh...I thought you guys were talking about the huge flash in method for the very end, rather than the flash of the actual card in the middle. Either way, a re-shoot would definitely be in order, or at least a re-edit. :)
  10. Oh yay...cards again
    And a transpo? Thats not even creative
  11. lol how did they not notice that?

    good trick...too bad everyone knows the mechanics now...
  12. Actually, I don't think it's pathetic. It's far better than Tivo 2.0, and has much better angles. So I'd say this is great for Tivo 2.0 users. I may pick it up eventually also. I don't like Tivo 2.0, but I always like Tony's variation. Now it's released, so I think that's kinda cool. I know it's cards, but since I can't do anything to change it to something other than cards, I'd say this is pretty good for cards.
  13. OMG that was a ginormous flash........

    i cant believe that the vid was released, but still nice trick, nonetheless!!
  14. The video does contain a flash, it is by no means "ginormous" - it took three viewings by our crew just to notice it. When you're looking for the moves, it's easy to overlook a flash in the effect. Particularly when you're thinking like a magician. ;)

    With that said, the video will be replaced later tonight with a more flawless take. We of course make mistakes, Tony is human, but when these errors are in regard to technique and method - in the interest of secrecy - they are best discussed outside of a public forum.
  15. You should be grateful they even do this for all of us!
  16. Hey guys,

    I'm sorry for the flash and my apologies. I hope you all find some uses out of the trick. I think the moves built into this trick can help you all out in various situations.

    I use this control all the time and it's probably one of the cleanest ones I know.

    My small variation on the Pughe's pass solves some problems many magicians have when learning the move. It is silent and makes it less like a card "flicking" away. Ironically it doesn't show in this video because of the flash but if any of you are going to Magic-con I'll be more than glad to show you 1on1.

    Once again, my apologies and I'm glad we are on a site where magicians can come and share our knowledge. I personally wouldn't pass this up because its just another "Tivo", but look and study the moves and you will be surprised what else you can apply it to.

    Thanks everyone, and thanks for your support.


    P.S. I will be re-filming it soon, but my work has me trapped in my office. I'm still here now editing at 2am.
  17. Trick is awesome IMO, the flash doesn't really matter. Just proves it's a bit angle sensitive, as with many good tricks. Just something to be cautious of. Won't deter me from it. Props to Mr. Chang.
  18. Tony, I love the trick.

    Hope to see you at Magic-Con! As well as everyone else.
  19. I agree, please refilm, it's painful to watch.
  20. Benjamin Earl teaches the same control in his past midnight DVD's

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