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Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by jonraiker, Apr 30, 2010.

  1. Man, that is cool. I like it a lot!

    The only problem is with the naturalness of the move; I don't think that it is TERRIBLE, as it would fool, but I do think that there are finesses that could be added to help.
  2. I like it. I hate it when people think a move is bad just because they can figure it out. You're magicians, guys. GOOD FOR YOU if you can figure it out.
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    ...man read my post and understand it very well, it's pretty constructive, and FYI laymen or the spectators are very skeptic nowadays because of the magic "revelations" videos available in youtube.so a move that uses to much rushed movement and low convincer on the effect is not my requirements on a trick or move to be used.this is not about if i'm a magician or i got the move,it's practicality too man.
  4. well to each it's own.. everyone has there own preference. I kept this move in my arsenal for a long time..and finally decided to release it due to high demand.. and i am very selective on which moves i use.. it has served me well, fooled many and has become apart of my preforming style hopefully it will benefit you as well .. and remember .. there's a force.. and a great routine also included.. enjoy! :D
  5. ...exactly, my opinion is on the video of the shinobi control, so if you can make other changes, or adjustments, or outs, or a good convincer on it, then why not use the move. but don't get offended because i'm posting constructive critism. cheers man!!!
  6. It is a great move, but it is already developed. It's a variation, or even a blatant reproduction, on a move by Tommy Wonder. With a simple twist.
  7. I think this looks like a fantastic control!

    I believe all working Magi's will see this controls full potential and will be able to appreciate how difficult it is to create and develop sleights based discrepancies.

    Well done Emran, 10/10, I think this is brilliant.

  8. Ok.. The sleight is GREAT for what it is.. Very easy and deceptive.. BUT

    Isnt the uses for this pretty limited? I mean how many effects do you actually get to see the card and then loose it in the deck?

    "Ok i know your card.. Now om going to lose it in the deck!" ??
  9. Well if i'm honest, It fooled me the first time i watched it! It was only through watching it a second time that i got the basic idea of how it works. Bear in mind a spectator won't have this luxury. There is no heat on you at this point because as far as the spectator should be concerned the 'trick' hasn't really started yet. You are just letting them pick a card.

    In a way this kind of reminds me of the 'Simon Prophecy Force', except done backwards. Anybody who has used this force will know it is very VERY effective on lay people despite having a major discrepancy in it when viewed through magicians eyes. Which leads me the think the Shinobi Control is probably very effective when used on laymen.

    I like it. Very original solution to the controlling-a-card-without-any-cutting-or-shuffling problem!

  10. sorry my friend, i did deep research on this technique.. tommy wonder has no such move.. you must be mistaken..

    i think some of you are losing the concept of what the move actually is..

    there are so many different applications using the shinobi principle i had to narrow it down to just 3 (control, routine and shinobi force ).. heres one i'll let you think about.. 2 words.. Multiple selection! 3 cards touch.. outjogged in different parts of the deck.. each of them pushed in fairly.. now instantly on top..

    saying you figured out the move by a watching as video.. your only cheating yourself.. your missing the little finesses make the move a real fooler..

    but for the magicians that take the time and really study my technique.. congrats! and please PM me soon and tell me your experiences on it! i would love to hear how you burned laymen and magis alike!!! :D:D
  11. A lot of you seem to be analyzing the shinobi control as a small effect in itself, rather than a utility move.

    Imagine you were to see a 1-on-1 on the top change, classic pass, double lift, but those sleights were completely new to the magic world, then a lot of you would be saying the same things:

    "it is too burnable,"
    "it is too unnatural"
    "it takes too much misdirection to work."

    This is a utility move that plays upon a very subtle human instinct to overlook things that seem natural, but are in fact just sleights that copy natural movements.

    In a sense, this shinobi control falls into the category of sleighs like "the bluff pass" and the convincing control. Those sleights, if completely burned by a slow motion camera, of course will be exposed, but the sleights in themselves are genius. They mimic very natural movements that a layman's eyes are accustomed to, leaving them burnable.

    Step outside the "magician's box" and try and see its potential. Less obvious skepticism will go a long way in the real world. No one likes the person who points out the obvious, just because it is obvious.

  12. There are quite a few magicians around today who should be forced to read this post over and over until they get the message. Never a truer word said.

  13. Where's the Like button? I digg your thoughts Tokyo!
    And for anybody that can't pull the Shinobi Control off, starting thinking about reevaluating your audience management and misdirection skills. This one requires minimal misdirection already, compared to others out there. It does NOT minimalize the impact of the effect in any way, at least for me.
  14. Was that post to me? I wasn't talking specifically to you.
  15. Fair enough Emran, apologies and a clarification then: the Larreverse does indeed have very similar motions... No prior development implied.
  16. I agree with everything except this part, as I said, I do like the control, and it does look useful in certain situations, but my main issue was this precisely.

    How many laymen do you see turning cards that way? I don't remember right now wich magician said it, but he recommended that we should make our moves and sleights to look as "laymenish" as possible in order to get the best effect out of it.

    I do not know if I expressed myself correctly, if there is any clarification needed please let me know.
  17. Misdirection and Video do not mix very well lol

    The control is great and you should down load it ten times, not Just because Em is a friend or anything.... Seriously, Buy it, its worth the few bucks especially compared to the trash people put out these days.
  18. I am not sure who you perform for, but I would beg to say that 99% of my audiences have NEVER searched "magic secrets" on YouTube. Even if they HAVE, do you honestly think that thew will retain the information that was given to them? And besides, being it IS YouTube, they were probably shown the wrong way to do whatever it was they were revealing anyway...

  19. So you want everyone to look like Lennart Green?

    I would rather look better than Laypeople, or at least unique, when it comes to how I handle cards.

  20. An excellent magician named Joe Rindfleish, likes to also teach the "how does a spectator pick up something" approach...but at the same time think about this.

    WE are the magicians. WE are the hired entertainment, the kid at the party who knows magic, the volunteer to entertain at the hospital, etc...

    In my opinion, there is only 1 magician I can name off the top of my head that actually handles a pack of cards in a sloppy, clumsy, layman-like way, and that someone is Mr. Lennart Green. And what he does with a pack of cards is nothing short of amazing. That aside...

    I do not focus on the way other people turn over a card. I do not focus on the ways that other people pick a card up off the table. I focus on the way I handle a pack of cards. I focus on the way I turn over a card on top of the deck. I focus on what moves suit MY style. I am the magician, not them. I would HOPE that we as magicians are able to handle a deck of cards in such a way as not to be compared to a layman...unless you are Lennart Green. :)


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