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  1. and you would have them sign the back instead of the front... why?
  2. ^Agreed.

    If you can have them sign the front its more than enough and at that point signing the back is redundant.
  3. Just bought the control and watched it - this has got to be my new favorite control, along with the Orbit control. It's easy as hell and invisible when done right. The force and sandwich are pretty badass as well, this is something I'll be using indefinitely. Props to Emran.
  4. Thanks buddy. I appreciate it!!!
  5. future classic control

    i just learned the shinobi control ( and force ! ) i think it will become a classic of controlling a card , easy to do just a genius move ,thanks MR Riaz
  6. future classic move

    i just learned it , it's easy , it will become a classic for controlling or forcing a card
    go for it you won't regret it
    bravo mr Riaz

  7. Hey Guys just a little update, im trying to get a Saturday Night Contest for the Shinobi control in the works.. with a very cool prize for the winner.. Stay Tuned!!!:D:D:D:D
  8. Word.
    Can't wait for that one.
  9. Hey thanks for a great move... This move actually works fine under a little heat, of course natural misdirection should be applied to any move. I didn't feel that his "quick" move in the video aroused suspicion in fact anyone who can "present" magic at all should be able to create the rythm needed... I didn't get on here to debate the move I love it! I've got quite an arsenal of moves after 25 years performing, I really haven't found much I can add as far as moves. I'll use this one! Sometimes i think we over think things.

    I think it's UNDERPRICED! The other bonuses with it to me, make this a great download.

    I was looking for a way to send Emran a personal thanks but couldn't find one, so I decided to post it.

    There's enough visual ilusion (optical illusion) in it's structure to make it work.
    As with any move there are places to use this and I can think of a ton where this makes more sense then some things that I'm doing.

    Thanks Emron!
    (charge more for it!)
  10. Found this move very beautiful, deceptive and easy to do. Great work!
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    This was a great purchase today. Loved every minute of it. Thanks Emran. I plan on using this a ton. The sandwich effect is "killer" material. This could have all been released on a DVD by itself. I mean that and I have seen a lot of DVDs. Well over 200.
  12. Great stuff. But it says it's 25 minutes long, when it's only about 17. But still, stellar stuff. Great use of the voucher program!

  13. I got this with the coupon code (can't say enough how cool I think t11 is for doing that btw). I'm very happy with the control. It doesn't take much work at all to make it look natural. There shouldn't be any heat on your hands that early into the trick and even if there is the move is deceptive. I showed my brother who loves to know how its done but has no will to perform and he didn't see a thing.

    Also, the sandwich routine is really dope. You guys should really consider having the routine in the preview video. I've been performing it lately and getting good reactions. Its pretty straight forward in presentation and thats what makes it seem so impossible at the end. As soon as I saw the effect performed I got so excited to know I was going to learn how to do it. Not only that, I learned a little something from the routine itself that I wasn't familiar with that I'll definitely use for coming up with my own routines.

    Honestly, even if you could figure out how the control is done, the 1 on 1 is worth it for that sandwich routine as well as the subtleties taught and the force as well.

    Its not difficult to do but you will want to work on it for a moderate amount of time to smooth it out.

    5 bucks for a very deceptive and natural looking control that you can add to your arsenal with minimal effort coupled with a straight forward yet very impossible seeming sandwich effect makes this purchase a no-brainer to me.
  14. I actually see the move differently than this. As one who is very new to magic, I am probably as close to being a layman as you can get. I fully understand magicians can do things with a deck of cards that I cannot. They perform flourishes and, from my point of view in the audience, they do it because it looks pretty or cool or whatever. As audience members, we forget (or even overlook) that it is probably in that flourish that the trick occurs. The only reason that I think I figured this one out is because I had the luxury of watching a video, I wasn't in a suspended state of belief like I am while watching a magician perform for an audience. I was looking for the trick, and I only caught it after replaying it probably a dozen times.

    I find that in magic, and especially in card tricks, they way magicians use the cards is magic in itself. Not the trick alone, but in the flourishes as well. It's more engaging, in my opinion, than looking very natural and like a layman. But that's just my opinion, and it's certainly not the only one.
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  17. Dang, I forgot to post here!

    When I first saw it, the first thought I had was, "Dang, that looks obvious, but it seems REALLY effective."

    Well, I was right! I have used this EVERY day since I bought the download AND the Open Selection/ Sandwitch taught in it too. This is POWERFUL stuff and an EASY, super convincing control!

    Emran, I look forward to eagerly purchasing your next release. :D
  18. hey guys! Thanks alot, haven't been on in a while to check out the forums, been real busy but again i appreciate all the great comments and i hope the shinobi serves you well.. im cooking up some new stuff so stay tuned!

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