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  1. Emran Riaz presents a deceptive card control from his personal repertoire called the Shinobi Control.

    Learn to control any selection to the top of the deck in a fair, natural manner. Emran also teaches a unique force and a sandwich routine utilizing the Shinobi concept.

    See the preview video and order the Shinobi Control now - exclusively at theory11.

    + http://www.theory11.com/1on1
  2. Finally, a new 1on1! :D
  3. Isn't the sudden quick motion to turn the card face down going to look fishy to the spectators? Props for being original, but the sudden "quick move" that happened threw me off.

    My point being, that way of showing a card itself looks fishy, why do we have to over complicate things? I see it as a good investment to some people that love controls, but in my personal opinion, a DL as a control looks way more cleaner that this :).
  4. Much like many other moves in magic, this is a discrepancy move - it is not meant to be done under too much heat. Nevertheless, this was shown to Michael Weber, Chris Kenner, and Jason England in the past week and praised for being simple, deceptive, and effective if used properly.

    I like it. For additional study of moves like it, check out the credit listed - Larreverse by Larry Jennings in 1963.
  5. I found this control very clever and unique in approach, hitting the buy now button for props.

  6. i do know how it's done.

    i remember back when he showed the MagicCafe this

    Cheers to you mate for getting it out there!!
  7. Looks interesting...definitely a move for some misdirection.
  8. ...i think the convincer in the move is not good, it's not smooth,obviously showing you did a move because you do the turnover of the card too quickly.but i like the idea of the steal.
  9. This could quickly become a worker for many a restaurant magician, though. I like how simple it is...


    All MOVES in magic should be done with ample misdirection, no matter how burnable you think they are. Are you a juggler or a magician? Are you out to impress, or amaze?

    Maybe this'll be my first one-on-one purchase!


    PS: I think I see similarities between this and the Losing Control.
  10. Yup, I think with more misdirection the move could easily fool anybody, there just wasn't enough present in the video.
  11. How hard is this move?
  12. theory11 via the 1-on-1 page, labels the difficulty of this control as... Intermediate - so, we can (obviously) tell, that this will take some practice to get down smoothly, and efficiently in a fair and natural manner.
  13. I wouldn't expect it to be a terribly difficult move.

    The Larreverse, from which this sleight came, is relatively easy. I like how it's been adapted here.

    Keep in mind that you guys are watching a video, and I'd bet most of you at some point or other paused the video, watched the sleight again, etc. - not so in real life.
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    Whats up everyone! I just wanted to chime in and maybe answer a few questions that you have about the Shinobi Control/force that you may have.

    As us being magicians for some reasons we tend to worry and think to deep into a move. As for the Shinobi i wouldn't worry to much. it's very casual..i actually dont mind when people burn my hands.. once you get the move down pact you will see why.. here's a little snippet of what a very well known magician said about the move.. this may give you a better understanding of what the laymen sees.. these words actually gave me a better understanding of my own control..

    "Looks very deceptive to me. The turning over in any form is a very deceptive tool for anything. It seems that our brain doesn't easily perceive turn overs and needs to analyze them to discover if there was something inconsistent in the move: thus if something happens immediately after (either in terms of moves or script) attention follows what's new and doesn't get the opportunity to properly analyze the turning over. Thus if after the Shinobi Control you don't immediately reveal the effect but create a situation to cause the effect, you have a miracle.".

    hope that made sense...

    and i'll check back to answer any questions you may have on the Shinobi..
  15. hey emran really like your control but may i ask did u submit this trick and it got accepted?
  16. Actually Dan and JB hunted me down with M-16s held to my head, and I eventually said ah what the hell I'll make a 1on1... lol ;)

  17. Hey! :D

    I just wanted to point out that the move didnt come from the larryverse.. but we decided to credit it because of similar turnover action we found after researching history..
    Thanks buddy!
  18. Where are you from Emran? :)
  19. I like the concept, but when I watch this erdnase comes to mind. How often do people really turn cards over like that? The "uniformity of action" would come into play here, so if you did intend on using this move, you would have to change a few things to mkae this move look similar to regular movements of you performance.
  20. ...there is no problem if you created or thought of such a move like this,,the only thing is preference. i,myself really would not prefer to use this kind of a move. simply because there are a lot of other easier ways and more convincing with less misdirection to use. actually the move like this does'nt really need a misdirection, it's like the cull, the cull already has it's convincer when doing the move but it does'nt need to be performed in fast manner mainly because the spectator clearly sees the convincer part of the move,that's what i'm trying to say.another one,the move in the extreme generation performed by tudor,the move was created by terry la gerauld,there is a move there that uses also a move within a spread,the convincer card was dropped unto the chosen card in the action of turning over the chosen card face down,this was a good move until i realized there is still a little uneasyness doing the move,that's why i made some changes on this move of terry, instead of dropping the convincer card,i steal it in the action of turning over the chosen card, no need for misdirection,and speedy action.

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