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t11.bulletin - theory11 has a MASSIVE secret

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ceo / theory11
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Jul 23, 2007
New York City
In August of 2007, a team of eleven individuals joined forces and revealed a secret that was closely guarded for six months. That secret was theory11. Our goal from the beginning was to promote unity, collaboration, and advancement of an artform. We have miles to go before we sleep. We are far from accomplishing our goals. But over the past three years, we have produced over 120 projects in collaboration with the most respected names in this artform - from Chris Kenner to Apollo Robbins to Jason England to Daniel Garcia.

We launched with a very small team, very large goals, and zero members. Today we stand stronger than ever, fortified by YOU - a community of over 17,000 members worldwide guided by a panel of 30 artists working around the clock on new effects, new cardistry, new ideas, new approaches.

With our successes, we have many failures. We have made more than our share of mistakes. We are people, and as such we have shortcomings. Each time our yearly anniversary approaches, I like to take the time to look back on what we have accomplished together with your support. I like to really think about what we've done right - subjectively - and what we've done wrong. And with our team, we aim to get better and better.

I am very proud of what we have accomplished. Our team of artists and developers has grown from 11 to over 30 - with several unannounced that will soon be presented. We wanted to celebrate our three year anniversary - this year - in style. We wanted to make it BIG. So in August of 2010, we've pulled out all of the stops. We've been very quiet for the past 2 months. We haven't said a word about what we've been working on. But very soon, very soon - you will be the first to find out. More details will be posted in the coming days. Until then... cerca trova.



Director of Operations
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Jun 5, 2009
Charleston, SC
Who told you?! Ha - I wish it was that. The dove pan used to be my number one stunner when I was starting out in magic.

Any plans on coming back to Charleston man? I wished i was into magic when you were still here, would have been cool to meet you!

Oh, the secret stuff sounds pretty awesome. I think there will be a release from Luke Dancy on a product 9 years in the making....he went to film with you guys recently. Should be pretty sick!

Also, J.B., I am seeking... but not finding much... at all.. Dead ends. I'm hoping we'll have another puzzle on out hands to solve like back in the day. ;)

Also, I'm just going to throw this out there. It's totally off the wall, but I don't know what exactly, if much at all, to take from the video... so... it's just a little warning. Hehe
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May 9, 2008
I'm guessing:

Smoke and Mirrors or another deck by Dan and Dave.

A new Theory11 Custom Deck printed on the new printing press.

Genesis Vol. 2


Daniel Madison Returns?

The Wire... I would hope.

A facelift of the site,

A revamped battle section. I don't even know how to get to the current battle section...maybe that's why it's such a flop currently.

Live 1-on-1's with the artists... is what I believe the Wire to be. Back in the day when you had an emergency or something you'd say "get so-and-so on the wire".

Perhaps theory11 is branching out into Juggling? That would be awesome!


Director of Operations
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Jun 5, 2009
Charleston, SC
Im just guessing a few things:

Colorblind by Luke Jermay

Something from Dan White (I saw that facial hair on a guys face and looked like Dan)

Something from Luke Dancy (ive heard about a new product 9 years in the making)

Andrei's Genesis Volume 2

The Wire

A new Theory11 custom deck

Maybe one of them is correct, let's see in time. Hopefully on August 7th, that's my birthday!!!

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Jan 26, 2008
When in august? 1st?

I hope one is the Luke Jermay release.

First two teasers and then when asked about when it was going to be released it was "very soon" and then nothing.
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