t11.bulletin - theory11 has a MASSIVE secret

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by j.bayme, Jul 19, 2010.

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  1. Theory11's Recipe Section:

    1. Bayme's Biddle Bacon Bits
    2. Kenner's Crimp Cookies
    3. England's Bottom Deal Delights
    4. Madison's Mocha Madness
    5. Fisher's Gravity Garbanzo's
    6. Garcia's Nacho Mama's Nacho's
    7. D&D's Double D Donuts V. 11
    8. Houchin's Controlling Cranberry Crepes
    9. Jikh's Big Beefy Bullet Bullion
    10. White's Lightly Lit lobster
    11. Asher's Aerial Double Dogs

    My money's on this being the big secret.
  2. Should we start to panic!?!?
  3. I think you're a few years late for that one my friend :p
  4. by that token we should have been panicking for like almost three years
  5. Alright, based on some theories, I have to go with another theory:

    Genesis Vol. 2
    A new T11 deck/S&M Deck
    Probably Madison. His work has been shrouded in mystery for the past year or so.

    And the Wire. Whoever said live 1-on-1's I think is close, I think it's like a Tinychat, but with artists. Maybe even better. Who knows. It'll probably be something that catches us off guard. Watch them just not release the Wire because it's ironic.

  6. Totally Out of Control will not be a part of this.

    I promise you that.
  7. This seems totally SICK! I cant wait to check out what all these new releases and the "big secret" are!
  8. Please can we just get The Wire working so that everyone stops talking about it :).

    Also wow, it's been three years already. This place has been on my side for my whole carrieer, most of you i've known for as long as this place has been here. We have had our ups and downs but this thread reminded me of the stuff that took place here 3 years back. I wish it would come back and the community we have here would be united yet again.

  9. I think a new custom deck is probable given that it was already hinted at in an older thread.
  10. Pssst, it's a secret. :)
    Nobody saw that...

  11. DG Projects 4,5,6
    Genesis v2

    I need to start saving my money :L
  12. 1) Something from Luke Dancy
    2) Something from Mathieu Bich
    3) Something from Jesse Feinberg
    4) Something from Luke Jermay
    5) A new deck of cards?

    Those are my guesses.
    And of course the biggest secret of them all is the Wire!
  13. THE WIRE!!! HOLY CRAP!! haha

    and Mikk your post sounded almost like a lord of the rings prophecy thingy,

    i long for the reuniting of the clans from theory11 once more as well. but we know it will take a new leader to step from the shrouds! haha
  14. ha ha I love T11.
  15. We love you more... To clarify, this will be FIVE secrets, not just one (as some hinted at). Hold on tight, I promise this will be well worth the wait.
  16. Its going to be Daniel Garcia on the Wire teaching tricks in the process of beatboxing... and JB is going to tap dance... i think.
  17. Well if it is a Luke Jermey product i hope he works out his past recent deals with people as word is he has taken serious money from a few people...I wouldnt want to see T11 put there name behind a dishonest person.
  18. I think one will be a new Blaine card maybe. Thought I saw a split spade in there somewhere
  19. Maybe something with Alan Rorrison?
  20. Oh heavens, we can only hope and dream that this will be true.
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