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  1. For Dan...Did you ask David for the job or did he seek you out?

    For JB...What were you doing when you decided to make and start "Theory 11"?

    Thanks guys for your time and hope you have plenty of "water" to drink while talking tonight.
  2. To J. Bayme:

    You've been a player in the industry for a while now, you started working for Ellusionist but left to start Theory11. Why did you choose to focus on being a leader in the industry as opposed to a more traditional career in magic, and what is it like?

    Dan White:

    How did you become such a big name in magic? And, after fulfilling so many roles in the business, such as creator and consultant, what has been you're favorite or most valuable working experience?
  3. How does the shooting process go? (storyboards, etc...) or do you just whim it with a basic idea in your head?

    All of the released products seem to be of great quality, rivaling bigger budget productions. How much filming experience do you have prior to shooting for T11?

    and a random one for fun.

    What were each of your occupations before magic came into play? Or an alternative question, what occupation would you love to pursue outside magic?
  4. @JB: What is the project with Luke Jermay?
    @Dan: How did you end up in Blaine's office and become successful in magic?
    Why do you and DB look, dress, and sound exactly alike? :p
  5. @dan white. When choosing tricks for david blaines specials, what makes you want to use that effect
    @atjonathon bayme. What made you choose to start t11 and how what is it like compared to your expectations when you first started it?

    @dan white. How did u become a consultant for db?

  6. They're brothers from different mothers.
  7. @dan-what was your most memorable moment working with david blaine?
    @dan-how does it feel to be someone of asian ethnicity in the magic community?
    @dan-since you are judging submissions for creativity, what is your current favorite trick and why?
  8. dan white// what would you say got you most inspiered in to magic besides childhood magic shows you saw.

    jb// what can you say would be your biggest insperation in magic arts and in our sport we call cardistry
  9. Questions


    Question: What do you believe were/are the key factors to the success of theory11 over the course that is has been here?

    Question: Where do you see Theory11 in 2-5 years?


    Question: What is your favorite thing about being apart of something like Theory11?

    Question: Has David Blaine ever fooled you and not let you in on the method of the trick he had fooled you with?

    Hope mine get answered n_n

    Dream on,
    Jon R.
  10. What has your single greatest experience with theory11 been?
  11. JB - Out of all the T11 releases which effect has got the BEST reaction...A reaction you just CANT forget.

    2 . If there was one thing you could CHANGE about Theory11.com what would it be?

    Dan - 1 . Did working with David Blaine change the way you see magic? If so how?
    2 . Out of all the trick submissions. Which one do you find the most memorable

    Thats all. Cant wait for the podcast to be posted :)


    - Jenai
  12. To both JB and Dan,

    What are some of the criteria that you look for in a trick submission? Do you have a grading system? What are the average number of trick submissions that you get in a year?

    Yours in Magic,
  13. Out of all magicians all over the world, how do you theory11 hire magicians that they want? do theory11 more like modern type of magic or classic type of magic?
  14. For jB and Dan,

    Why theory11? 11 is for 11 individuals join together to advance the art of magic right? HOW about the theory? What's the history of the name?
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    1. What’s something you’ve seen or done recently that really inspired you, be it magic or not?

    2. Working professionals lives are obviously very involved in magic but your jobs by their very nature seem to require you to be consumed in it. Do you ever experience magic burnout and just need to get away for a bit? If so what is your escape route?
  16. Is there a certain type of personal criteria that has to be met before you will perform an effect?

    Dan - Do you ever feel rushed to create an effect for David because of certain deadlines, and in turn feel the effect won't be as good as if you had more time?
  17. JB and Dan - Are you 100 percent happy with what you do for a living, or have you ever wondered what if i did.......?
  18. What first got you into magic, and when? Was is seeing a magician on the street, or watching a tv special, or just being show an effect?
  19. Last question from me i think!

    How does Theory 11 operate? Like who does the customer service, who packages product, who accepts media submissions etc? How many people in all of these areas are needed to run Theory 11 smoothly?
  20. Did you guys know each other before you started Theory 11?

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