Apr 30, 2008
Burnaby, BC, Canada
Just wondering where you guys get your supply of tally-ho's?
I am currently in Canada BC (and will stay there as far as youre concerned) and the shipping fees are horrifying. :(
Nov 6, 2007
Horrifying? I live in Ontario and shipping is not too bad. When I got mine I ordered them from batteries and butter or something like that, but that was a while ago.

Penguin ships free to Canada I believe, as does MJM Magic, so give them a try. I'm sure there will be better options posted though.
Well they're five dollars a deck~ so I guess its not too bad :I

and the owner is nice :)

And O i live in Burnaby

Amanda? I believe that's her name...I met her once. I like Joe, he's crazy good with cards.

Yup 5 bucks is not too bad, you can get them cheaper online but, with shipping it might be the same so it's up to you about waiting and extra shipping money.

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