TCTCSA taught in the Trilogy?

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  2. No, it's not, but the first phase of Pandora bears some similarity to it.
  3. I agreed with TeeDee, shows similarity. However, if you really want to know the cut, it is found in The System. TCTCSA is a good preparation before practising Pandora.
  4. If you can do Pandora, you can figure out TCTCSA:eek:
  5. what is TCTCSA
  6. TheCutThatChrisSuckAt.. And not exactly evolutionmagic.. is like sk is saying..
  7. The first phase of pandora was originally called, TCTEESA, The Cut that everybody else sucks at. And the second phase was the tornado sequence, or crabshak, which was in the old vault.
  8. TCSwhatever is just a name the a member in the Dan and Dave forums made a long time ago. It's basically pandora with a revolution.

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