Tell Me How Bad I Messed Up

Discussion in 'Magic Forum' started by JD, Sep 11, 2011.

  1. So I have absolutely NO experience with coin magic. None.
    The reason: Coin magic is not magical to me, but I want to learn anyway.
    So I decided to pick up a DVD to try it out.
    The DVD: Sick by Ponta the Smith.
    I'm really thinking that was a bad decision on my part.
    I haven't got it yet, but it's on the way here.

    So, this DVD will be my entrance to coin magic.
    Any tips or messages for me? Leave them here.

  2. i went to your wire page, ur profile pic is depressing..... change it
  3. Get "In the Beginning there were coins" by Jay Noblezada, and/or Metal by Eric Jones, and/or Bobo's Modern Coin Magic. Sick is an intermediate to advanced coin dvd :)
  4. Uuuuhh, yeah. Big boo boo. On Ellusionist (if that's where you picked it up) It even says it's not a beginner's video. Try and get BoBo's modern coin magic to start off with, then go to Sick.

    That's like having the Trilogy be your first card experience (it was mine, waaaayyyy over my head)
    Good luck though!
  5. Not really trusting anyone with a trollface as an avatar...but I do want to change it. I don't have a camera quite yet so you'll just have to wait.
  6. You didn't necessarily mess up if you appreciate coin magic but Ponta's DVD is one heck of a challenge.
    I enjoy watching it and find it difficult to do the moves and incorporate them into a full presentation.

    If you are new to Coin Magic, the suggestions on In The Beginning There Were Coins (ITBTWC), Metal and Bobo's are excellent suggestions. I found the three coin production and vanish sequence from ITBTWC one of my favorite sequences to perform.

    For another useful list of coin magic books, check out:

    Also, I've become a big fan of The New York Coin Magic Seminar series and I've enjoyed Radek Makar's work.

    Here are the links for some of the reviews I wrote on the coin magic seminar and Radek's stuff:

    Hope that helps!

  7. To back up Drew, the New York Coin Seminar is amazing. Otherwise - basically, all of coin magic sucks. It's all the same effect. Coin is here - now its over there.

    (yes there are exceptions, but here is not the time or place)

    Learn as much stuff as you can with one coin. Work on a few good false transfers. And try not to get roped into doing the same old 3 coins across stuff.

    James Brown's DVD - Fancy A Pot of Jam is amazing. It has some great stuff on false transfers, as well as some really entertaining and usable card stuff. A good investment in my eyes.
  8. Here is my thing on Coin Magic. It sucks when the performer sucks. I really think it's as simple as that. Personally, I see way too many coin videos with music playing. Very rarely would someone perform in the real world like that. So I strive to have an interesting and somewhat funny patter when I construct my routines.

    Coin magic can be bad when you just throw together vanishes, one after another. It becomes obvious where the coin is. That's why good performers put EFFORT into their routines and construct them with the spectator in mind. Just my thoughts.

    As for Sick, I think that will be a bit above your head. I don't have it, but I've been doing a lot of coin magic for the last year, and I don't think I could do Ponta's stuff very well. Learn the basics and have fun!
  9. first don't worry Sick is not a practical dvd to start coin magic !
    go with Metal by Eric Jones and if you can buy Michael Vincent dvd v 2

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