The best TnR?

Sep 6, 2008
In my opinion Guy hollingworth has the best TnR, because they can see there own signature is always in view while the last peace get restored..


Jun 26, 2008
San Francisco, California
I think that the best TNR is Impromptorn, It's AMAZING. The Creator is awesome and so cool. The creators name is David. That guy is AMAZING, It's completley impromptu. (I'll delete this if u want person who knows what i'm talking about).

Oh yeah, you cannot find it anywhere because its not published yet.

Impromptorn is published... You can get it via Dee's online store.

I would say the best TNR is Guy Hollingworth's Reformation. It's an absolutely beautiful piece of work.

Hmmm...I like Torn Too.

Torn is alright. I have a much more user-friendly handling of it with a lot more audience convincers...

Torn Too is not a full TNR. If that's the only torn and restored you know, please learn a real one.
Apr 7, 2009
It is all opinion. If you like a long setup but acheives a fantastic effect check out TnR on this website, i was sold when i saw the demo. I highly recommend the lastest tnr, impromptorn by dizzi, its crazy when you see the creases dissapear. =D
May 18, 2008
My favorite has to be Reperation by John Lovick. Of course, there are some other really good ones out there like Ripped at the Seam by Michael Kras, Torn, Torn Too by Danny G, and Sankey has several good ones... There are a lot out there.
Feb 9, 2009
Reno, NV
:O Not Practise! Who'd of thought you'd need you need to practise magic.....

Ummm, the difference between practicing "usual" magic and a t&r is that you don't tear up cards every single time you practice the move, that's why I mentioned it. The first 20 or so cards you go threw is probably learning how to get comfortable in the performance position while tearing up your card.

And how I said "quite a bit" meaning plenty of times than the usual tricks to learn. Pressure for example can be performed nearly perfectly in what?
A few tries.
Torn is also very annoying to practice with because of preparation.
Nov 10, 2008
Liverpool England
I've seen many people doing Torn - unfortunately few of them well because of the angles etc. I saw Daniel Garcia do it at Blackpool and he flashed badly restoring the final piece. Sorry Daniel! My all-time favourite, which I perform almost every day and have done for 15 years, is Torn and restored transposition by David Williamson and is in his book Williamson's Wonders. This is also in the everyday repertoire of David Blaine and I'm not surprised at all, it is a wonderful trick with much scope for adaptation to personal style.
A new T&R I learned from Michael Ammar's lecture this weekend is called "Backward In Time" This is one of the easiest and coolest torn and restored effects I have done. Most of the restore is done invisible to the spectator unlike most but the cool part is you restore the final piece turned around backwards and you then hand that to the spectator to keep.

Best part is it's only $12. Check it out here.
Jul 8, 2008
I do one that is completely new, but I'm not ready to tip that quite yet;) I second drawing room deceptions. It can be baught on Dan and Dave's website btw.
May 27, 2008
I too like David Williamson's torn and restored transposition. Torn is one I use a lot. Reincardnation is good for TRUE impromptu. As for Bich's TnR, it's fun to play with. I have used it in my close-up show before with good results but it's not something I would do in walk around.
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