The Big List of Changes

Apr 26, 2008
Melbourne, Australia
I'm not gonna make it myself because quite frankly, I'm relatively new to this and I don't know enough..

But can you guys help me compile a list of colour changes to learn? I love them, but I only know a few and I want to start learning more because they are simply killer effects - they always get reactions. The easier the better, but any changes are good.

So. Let's hear 'em.



01. 1-Handed Top Palm
02. Altman's Double Change
03. Altman's Variation
04. Cardini Snap Change
05. Change
06. Classic change
07. Classic Pass
08. Clip Steal
09. Clipshift
10. Cover Change
11. Credit Card Change
12. Dai-Verse Colour Change
13. Double Colour Change
14. Double Fan on Table
15. Double Lift
16. Double Lift Under Arm
17. Duck change (Hiro Sakai)
18. Ego change
19. Eidetic Change
20. Erdnase Double Trans
21. Erdnase Trans #2
22. Fan Cover Change
23. Flick Change
24. Flip Flop
25. Flippant
26. Flutter Change
27. Hermann Pass
28. Hermann Variation
29. Houdini Change
30. Hurricane Change
31. Jennings/Hofsinzer Change
32. Lightning Stab Change
33. Mercurial Change
34. Midnight Shift
35. Miracle Change
36. Mirror Change
37. Paintbrush Change
38. Picking Off a Pip
39. Pirouette Change
40. Push in Change
41. Rearward Change
42. Revolution Change
43. Rub-A-Dub-Dub
44. Second Change
45. Shocker Change
46. Slap to the Table
47. Sloppy Double Deal
48. Snap Change
49. Spinner Change
50. Starfish Change
51. Startling Change
52. Strike change
53. Super Flip Utility
54. Tabled Change
55. TeBe Change
56. Tenkai Colour Change
57. Tenkai Tabled Change
58. The Spin Tabled Colour Change
59. Throw Change
60. Top Change
61. Tossing a Double
62. Tunnel Change
63. Twirl Change
64. Vernon No-Palm Change
65. Vernon Pinch Colour Change
66. Window Change
67. Wink Change
68. Winter Change
69. WOW (Masuda)
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Sep 3, 2007
-Snap Change
-Erdnase Trans #2
-Erdnase Double Trans
-Winter Change
-Flip Flop
-Classic Pass
-Clip Steal
-Twirl Change
-Second Change
-Top Change
-Flick Change
-Piroet Change
-Wink Change
-Window Change
-Miracle Change
-Tossing a Double
-Slap to the Table
-Hermann Pass
-Hermann Variation
-Sloppy Double Deal
-Double Color Change
-Tunnel Change
-Double LIft Under Arm
-Eidetic Change
-Double Fan on Table
-Double Lift
-Push in Change
-Tenkai Tabled Change
-Cardini Snap Change
-Super Flip Utility
-Midnight Shift
-Paintbrush Change
-Fan Cover Change
-Jennings/Hofsinzer Change
-TeBe Change
-Tenkai Color Change
-Altman's Double Change
-Altman's Variation
-Picking Off a Pip
-Vernon No-Palm Change
-Vernon Pinch Color Change
-Startling Change
-Throw Change
-The Spin Tabled Color Change
-Flutter Change
-1-Handed Top Palm
-WOW by Masuda

All of these, excluding the bottom two, can be found on "Hot Shot Color Changes" with Ben Salinas (boring but great DVD) which can be bought on Penguin.
Dec 8, 2007
Moste of 'm are already mentioned above, but there are thousands of changes out there....

Let's see... Marconick change, the change used in Believe (not sure about the name), ...

Hmm, can't think of more changes that aren't listed above (-.-), but I'm sure there must be more!
Sep 1, 2007
Winter change
Hurricane Change
Lightning Stab Change
Dai-Verse Color Change
Mirror Change
Revolution Change
Spinner Change
Cover Change
Mercurial Change
Starfish Change
Rearward Change
Tabled Change
Shocker Change
Credit Card Change
Sep 3, 2007
holy s*** @ adjones (btw.. just out of curiosity.. is adjones your name? or is it adam jones as in.. tool's adam jones?)

blink.. quite a sweet change!

My name's Andrew Jones... but I go by Drew. The "a" and "d" are just initials, so it's pronounced a-d-jones.
Sep 1, 2007
Actually, I recently learned that the Ego and Cardini Changes are completely different.


+1, Rep, respect, etc.

Thank god someone finally realizes this.
The Cardini Change, Ego Change and the Coffin Change ARE Different.

Different Handlings. Different Clean up. Similiar looking change

Now all I have to do is to get people to realize the Winter Change is different than the Hurricane Change....
And that they have probably been doing the Hurricane change all along.....
Sep 2, 2007
Just a suggestion, would it not be useful for people to give a source for learning the changes as well as just the name?
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