The Harbor Change by Michael Hankins

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  1. does this change leave YOUR HANDS clean at the completion of the move?
  2. I will pm you because this may count as expourse.
  3. This isn't anything new, despite what is being said. Hopefully Mr. Hankins future releases are original and cool, this just doesn't cut it in terms of originality.
  4. Creeper... I am glad this was brought back up.

    I am getting a lot of PMs both on here and in the forums on the Magic Cafe about this being the similar, if not the same as a change by Ed Marlo called the Aerial Change. The idea for the Aerial Change is: card is shown on deck, dropped in hands and card changes. ...sounds similar right? Right. Is it? NOT AT ALL...With the Aerial Change (the change I believe which is taught on Malone's Marlo DVD set), the method used to accomplish the change is an Erdnase break. In no way, shape or form am I using an Erdnase break.

    The method I am using is a variation of another technique which I credit to the originator 150% in my 1on1. But, the varation I have come up with is so different, that there are a ton more applications that can be utilized with this move. This is not just a color change, but a utility move that when executed properly and in the right conditions, will give you the ability to do a whole buncha stuff.

    I have also had fellow Magi over on the Cafe forums PM me and tell me that after PURCHASING the 1on1, they see the significant difference between the handling/method of the Aerial Change and the method/handling of the Harbor Change, because they know the TRUE method behind it. ;)
  5. If this doesn't leave your hands clean, then I might hold off on this. I'm terrible at hiding cards, the most I can hide is a coin in my hand.

    By the way, Nino, if it may count as exposure, you basically answered the question for all of us.

  6. The break Mike is using is called a Marnase break.
  7. I figured it out after a couple of watches and I personally like it, not one of my favorites but I do use it. It's not incrediably difficult but does take some practice.
  8. I use them for drag racing. Very good tire. Hold up very well. They just take a very small burnout and there good and warm. Firm tire.

    No clue how they do in the twisties or at a race track.
  9. This change left me speechless but I figured it out after a while.

    Very well done Mikey!! :p;)
  10. I prefer this to a cardini change at the second to last ending of the queens trick by Dan and Dave. I really looks very good with a considerable amount of practice in a mirror.

    It really is great, and I think everyone should pick it up because of what the Harbor Palm(Which is taught) can be used for in multi-stage card tricks!
  11. Well, I am definitely going to pick this up! 5 dollars for not only a kick ass color change, but also comedy, applications, 19 minutes of Mike Hankinsness...I'm sold!
    I'm not sure if anybody here is familiar with Mexican wrestler Dai Vernondo but I recently talked to him about the power of this change, and he said, "Si..." I'm sold! What's good enough for Don Knotts is good enough for me!
  12. I think is very unpractical

  13. Why do you think so?
  14. Can you explain why?
  15. Anything is impractical if you use it impractically. :)
    This is not for everyone. But for those who see the many appilcations for it, you will not be disappointed. I use this 4 nights a week in my regular gig. And I find it VERY practical. But see, that is the great thing about card magic. There is something out there for everyone.

    For those who have picked this up, I say "thank you"...(typed in the best Owen Wilson impression I can possibly type...)

    Merry Xmas!

    Mikey Hankinsness
  16. Most people, NOT all so please read this part carefully, who complain about impracticality are younger kids who are used to seeing things super clean like the cardini, search and destroy, here then there, lots of effects that are super easy to use and learn.

    The basic idea is changing a card, but you don't end clean right away and I will say the angles are a bit on the meany side. However if a guy can make a living with this move in his arsenal then why can't some of you who only perform for your buddies at school or a friend at work use this? Probably because you are sucking right now, no offense but it just means you need to work harder.

    I've now performed this maybe 30 times as the actual color change in real performances with more than 5 people, work on audience management and I'm clean. Just because you aren't clean, doesn't mean your audience knows that.
  17. Tip: Right after the change, let the spectator pick up the card off of the deck themselves. Then, you have a free pocket for something else...just sayin' :)

  18. Just quoting this because he speaks the truth.
  19. This move isn't original in any sense of the word...
  20. Who is talking about original? Some people are saying that it is impratical not original.

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