The Harbor Change by Michael Hankins


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Nov 21, 2009
Sacramento, Cali
Creeper, I have PMed you. Regardless of what Creeper says or thinks, I feel I should trust guys like Darwin Ortiz, and Alan Ackerman who have both seen this and would both disagree with Creeper. Or should I not trust their knowledge? ;)
Why do people seem to be so vague and make absolutes with their posts with no evidence. Creeper I have read some of your posts before and were fine, yet now it seems you try to just fill space with your posts.

Don't make a statement expecting people to believe you without anything to back it up.

I have actually done the research on this, and found the moves to be similar to another but not actually the same move. Also, what is original nowadays as everything is just a transpo it seems or another color change. However, the way I see it, we need to make effects with what we know and find what would work best.

I use this color change with my presentation of a psychological Blueprint effect. It kills, no other color change I have seen can do what this does to make my effect absolutely perfect. I will send you a PM Michael explaining what this is to understand how perfect it is.
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