The Harbor Change by Michael Hankins

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    The Harbor Change
    By Michael Hankins

    Difficutly: Intermediate
    Cost: $4.95

    Alright since there many people asking questions for this effect, I'll write a review for this.

    First Thoughts: So I log onto T11 on Friday night( or Satudary morning at 12:30 ) I saw the change and I completey freak out when I saw this. So I convince my mom to buy it for me( her first time buying me a 1on1 ).

    Quality: Come on its HD, with else do you what? 10/10

    Method: The Method is very cool. There are some angles depending if your right or left handed. I don't want to go into more detail because I don't want to expouse the effect. 7/10

    Teaching: Micheal is a great teacher and hilarious. He goes into details with this move and the over the shoulder carema helps a lot. One thing he should do focus on the grip a little bit more, but you can rewind back. He teaches the some applications with this move and also a ace production at the end of the video. Also he goes throught angles with this change. 9/10

    Final Thoughts: So the big question is this color change pratical? You can do it in front of a couple of people, but not completely surronded. The angles are okay in this but not the best. Still you can perform this in front of people. So you should go buy this when you have the money, but its only 5 dollars so you can't go wrong with it. 8/10

    Thanks for reading this awful review. And yes Dan Hauss v-neck is awesome!
  2. Thanks for the review, one quick question - Is it possible to do the change in the action of handing out the deck to a spectator?
  3. Actually, its even better to drop the deck into the spectator's hands and have the card about them flipping out...they might even punch you in the throat or buy you a box of Lucky Charms...I prefer the later...hope this helps!!!!
  4. Can't believe I forgot to put that into my review.:p

    Do you mean when giving them the deck you can perform the change? Then yes you can. You can't let them exam the deck depending on the color change you do. It hard to understand me, but when you buy it, you'll will understand
  5. Yes it is better in fact.
  6. Is this change anything like the clipshift? Like the change and the difficulty
  7. Well that sounds like exposure, I will not answer the question since Clipshift is a advanced method and this is intermediate so that should answer two things maybe.

    I mean, personally I prefer this one simply because it's easier to perform. I don't need to learn all this nonsense about the clipshift when I would just use it for a color change at the most.
  8. Can you give the angles in terms of time on a clock?

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    $4.95 gives you all the angles, plus a whole lot more ;]

    Seriously though, it's a great 19 min 1on1. Angles, applications, and handling explanations are top notch. You won't be disappointed.
  10. Depends if you right or left handed. He goes throught the angles on the 1on1, but remember you can't do this surronded. If you're angles good then you have a awesome color change.

    I don't know how the clipshift is done, so I can't answer the question. The Harbor is not really hard at all to do, but only take a couple weeks to do this move ( unlike the Clipshift where it takes months of praticing ).
  11. Yes I agree with you one of the best 1on1 I pruchase.
  12. Harbor change

    The Harbor Change
    By Michael Hankins ?

  13. Not Really... i'm very dissapointed with the method.
  14. At first I didn't like it, but then it grew on me. But you are posting your opinion, like I do. Thats way I love these forums.:)
  15. Mike,

    Love the look of the change. I recently saw something similar on the Malone/Marlo DVD set. I believe it was used in either the visual transposition or the direct transposition routine (can't remember which one)?
    Are the two changes the same (independantly conceived?) Or was yours Inspired by Marlos but with a different method and/or an Improved handling of his change?

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    I wouldn't call anything I do an IMPROVEMENT over Marlo...but I will say that the change is just one aspect of what "Harbor" is all about. It is all in the handling. And with my handling, not only will you have access to just one color change, you have access to so much more including ideas that have nothing at all to do with a color change...

    Remember, its in the HANDLING NOT the change that makes this important...
  17. As I said in my podcast, I came up with the HANDLING by total accident...I showed quite a top name in magic like Darwin Ortiz, Allan Ackerman and Jeff McBride to make sure that what I had was in fact original. I was even fortunate enough to show one of Ed Marlo's personal students, Billy McDonnel. He showed me something SIMILAR (which might be what you are referring to), but when I showed him my Harbor Change, he LOVED it. Hope this helps.

  18. I'm on the fence about buying this change. It looks great, but in the preview it sort of looks a little strange. To me it looked like his hands were a little too careful with what they were doing. I'm curious if this is like the Poloroid Change by BSmith which looks absolutely awesome, and is, but in practicality is not as good as some other changes which have slightly better angles and get the same job done. One slight wrong movement, and the color change could be completely blown. I probably will buy it though because it seems to have quite a bit of promise. I'll hopefully have a review up later today. I'll probably get this in an hour or two.

  19. It is a bit angle sensitive but nothing outrageous. I have shown this quite a bit lately and not a single time have I been caught. If you mess up it could be a bit difficult to get out of it. Though with enough practice you won't be messing up very much, the handling just makes it difficult to really screw it up.

    I like it because it's more of an "okay, blah blah blah" change happens "blah blah." Then spec curses a bit and it's a very good shock change, it's just so sudden it really is very direct.
  20. Purchased and almost done downloading.


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