The Metamorphosis Illusion

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  1. Hey everyone!

    I have been interested in this illusion for some time, and i saw a guy on YouTube who is offering me the plans for $30.00 (i don't wan't to buy the trunk for shipping reasons) , but i have to use my mums credit card and she just said NO right away.

    So, now i am looking for plans on how to do the illusion and how to build the trunk. I like a challange, and i am up for building it. Does anyone know anywhere i can get this?

    All help thanked in advance!

  2. The first question you need to ask is did HE make these plans? Or were they made by someone else. You want to be paying for something of quality. You also want to make sure they are not photocopied (fakes).

    Here are some plans that I found from a magic DEALER:


  3. I this the Metamorphosis
  4. This is by far my most favorite illusion that i do. Its so simple but it hits SOOO hard. Honestly, if you know how its done its really simple to build, no need to pay an extra $30. PM me if you have any questions and ill help you out

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