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  1. A little research done on it... looks like bad news.
  2. I don't really like these kind of trailers. It's either going to revolutionize if it actually delivers what is promised (not very likely, huh?) or it's going to disappoint people no matter how good it is. The trailer also gives us nothing at all to go by when trying to decide what kind of trick this is. Do you need them to write it down or not?

    All we get is the magician saying you can read their minds and then they cut to reactions to a trick we don't even get to see. Nah, I need more to go on before I even consider buying something like this.
  3. This guy, so I've heard, has been busted quite a few times on these 'new' and 'revolutionary' mentalism techniques. From his past releases, he's had a LOT of customers complain on how he just got another method from 13 Steps to Mentalism and put it on a DVD. I don't think you should be looking into this or any of their products.
  4. Considering at least one spectator was holding a pen in the video, they think of it...and write it down...and then you have the power to tell them what it is!
  5. You should read this...

    I hardly ever come on the forums and post anything, but I feel I should speak up about this and my experience with this "creator" or "instructor" and the product.

    A few months ago I received an email from a very respected magician in our magic community (not a Theory11 artist of course) and it explained how this "Amazing New Effect" was created and that he could not believe how easy it was and he was going to go out and perform it THAT NIGHT because it was so good and easy to do. Guaranteed to AMAZE you. Naturally I clicked on the link and watched what was the original trailer for this "Revelation" technique. The entire thing looked shady and it just felt like something was not right so I had to look into it more.

    I called up a couple of friends and we all agreed that we wanted to know what all this hype was about, but really wanted to know if our suspicions were correct in thinking that there was something wrong here. We purchased the video instructional download for $20 and we were right. It was pathetic that this person is trying to make money off of this. Many unexperienced magicians would appreciate the download for sure as what he is revealing is in fact a great utility device but in no way is the "end all be all" of mentalism effects.

    SO WHAT WAS THE METHOD? Well as you can see in this NEW demo, something is obviously written down and if you have Wayne Houchin's Stigmata DVD, you know the method for obtaining the secret written information. The move used to obtain the information was created by Millard Longman in 1979 and later introduced to the community by the legendary Al Mann. I will not give you the name of the move but simple research would easily reveal it for you.

    I was not upset with what I discovered along with many other magicians I am sure, but I was seriously disappointed. I was more disappointed that this magician who I thought was respected in the magic community was involved in this. So I sent him an email letting him know my disappointment in a respectful manner. He was so bothered by my email that he gave me his personal cell phone number and told me to call him to discuss. I called him and all I got out of the 20 minute conversation was, "Hey I do a lot of network marketing, and I gotta make money somehow you know?" Things got a little heated as I did not understand how someone as respected as he was and also as educated in our art would support a $20 video download sale that was teaching a move (without permission from the creator by the way) which could be found in books and other useful resources to further our art.

    So let me just apologize for this long rant, but I wanted to express my concern on this effect and how I believe it is a serious waste of money. I do not like to talk bad about anyone but I can not respect someone who wants to make their debut to the magic community with something as pathetic as this, especially as a "creator" or "instructor" in our art.

    Thanks for reading.

  6. Basically posting to echo what Gerald has said. Please, if you have any respect for magic or mentalism, do not buy this.

    a) It is a complete ripoff of a Millard Longman move sold without permission.
    b) The hack in question has been warned several times, and lied about removing the product, several times.
    c) This has been "released" several times.
    d) The ad copies have varied from clever wording to completely deceitful.

    Again, for the sake of respect, please do not support hacks like this.
  7. OH MY GOD. You can post videos directly in to the thread. This is amazing. How the heck could I have missed this.
  8. I didn't realise this too. Until I went to post this thread, went to wrap the link in <url> tags and instead clicked on the <video> tags. An under rated feature of the new design.

    On topic now, it is exactly what I thought. An old method made to look like something new. The fact that he is ripping of another magician really makes me grr.

    What makes it worse is that Alejandro is hosting this on his website. Bad.


  9. Are you sure it wasn't the "creator" of 'The Revelation' or someone else posing as the 'respectable artist'?
  10. No I am positive it was not the creator or someone posing as the respected artist. This was a well respected magician who (or at least I had thought). He has been the instructor on many DVD's that probably some of us have seen. I have subscribed to his newsletters for sometime now. Needless to say I am no longer a subscriber.

  11. So who is this well respected magician?
  12. If he wanted you to know, he would have just outright said their name.
  13. Well why shouldn't we call out these unethical ones instead of protecting them?
  14. It certainly looks enticing. The trailer is well done. Wondered what is the experience with this one guys?[​IMG]

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