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    The Vortex Deck + Teaser Trailer

    I have a trailer for the cards up on YouTube, check it out:
    ¬¬¬ CLICK HERE ¬¬¬

    I decided to have a go at designing a deck. I have a concept for jokers in mind, which I want to hand draw and then give them this digital space theme; gotta get em done now though.

    Obviously I made everything you see here haha. Just wondering what you guys think.

    I don't post here as much as I should so just pointing out that I am an artist and a card collector. I do flourishing and magic but not even close to as great as you folks here.

    Also, if anyone want's to throw a few thousand dollars at me let me know, so I print these. I'll pay you back in smiles! :)
  2. what is your concept?
  3. For the Jokers? You'll have to wait and see. :)
  4. My god. Wicked. I have one issue. Take out the green ball on the spades and it is pure badassery. And what program do you use for your digital artwork like that?
  5. I would prefer the ace of spade pips in the index to be black and not blue. it would look better IMO
  6. Thank you. I have heard mixed feelings about the "ball" on the Ace of Spades. So far a lot of people love it so it'll stay. However I will probably fade it a bit more, and add more to the ace to keep the ball from being the primary focal point. I do however think it adds to the alien look I was going for. I use Photoshop CS5 as it integrates vector graphics needed to do illustration. :)

    @Ben: You are correct. They were blue because the Ace was originally blue and I was honestly too lazy to change them before I posted the concept. This is just a rough draft. Currently the cards have black club/spade pips. :)
  7. I agree about the ball... Not sure how I feel about the back design but the Ace is very pretty.
  8. The back looks a little basic, or not as eye pleasing as some other decks out there that theory and ellusionist sell, but I like the idea of not copying the bicycle backs as many people do. But the aces do look sick...
  9. After a LOT of feedback I decided I'll be changing elements of the back design to include a unique border and different brushing.

    I'll also be doing two other color schemes in blue and green variants.

    The AoS indices will be changed to match with the red much better.

    I'm surprised how many people liked my design both here and on other sites. I really appreciate the positive feedback as well as the constructive criticism. Thank you!
  10. I really enjoyed that back design as something different.

    It looks very science fiction at this point. Not just the back design, but the grey dots around the Ace. Yet the back could also be a stylized eclipse and symbol of mysticism. It is a very eloquent mix of primal and futuristic to these eyes.

    Lovecraft used to mix science with dark magic in his writing. Your art does that on its own, and the tendrils around the spades really reinforce that kind of mood.

    So, yes, I like it.
  11. Really dislike the back.
    They look like novelty cards you get from a 2 dollar shot. No offence. The ace looks alright though.

  12. Oh well, I can't please everyone. Thank you for your input, but I do wish it was a little more constructive.

    Thank you very much, Andrew. I hope you'll like the updated version even more. :)
  13. The ace is good but there is one set of squiggly lines I am not a huge fan on(Kind of hard to describe which). As for the back, they look something like a black hole, and I would add distortion along the edges like light getting bended by the gravitational pull. Like this: . I've always wanted to design a deck of cards but Im not very experienced in the design field. Might get around to it someday. Also, could you use bicycles, custom deck feature to get a deck printed out as a test?(not sure about the finish of those)
  14. You can simply call USPCC and inquire. Needless to say, no matter what option you choose, it will cost a heap of money. That's why the ideal method is to have your deck produced by someone else, and just reap some of the profits.

    EDIT: I'm happy to say I'm getting rid of the squigglies. I hate them the more I look at them and I have a better idea for what to replace them with.
  15. Alright, thanks for the info
  16. Holy god-$#^%
  17. My thoughts exactly
  18. I was refering to the distortion/warping around the edges, but not the actualy picture....
  19. I know but it's a great picture regardless.
  20. After reading previous comments, i agree that the back is basic, BUT i do feel that is a great back. not all card backs have to be filled from boarder to boarded with design. the simple adds elegance. Now with the ball on the ace, i like that it is there, especially because of the "alien" concept. I think it would be better though if it was faded and possibly a different green to add more emphisis to the red. i also think that the "Playing Cards" at the bottom is distracking to me. For the jokers, i have a great idea that would be hand drawn. overall, i really enjoy the cards and would love to have them in my collection.

    for any questions about what i said, email me at OR on youtube (ASLmagic).

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