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  1. Because of cases like this, I believe you should start making quick replies to the authors of rejected uploads. Nothing fancy, just something like "Production quality should be better, the teaching is too fuzzy, the effect is already published, this is just a variation, etc"... I'm planning to film something until the end of the month and although I'm pretty sure that the value of the effect is big and that the price will be ridiculous, if I somehow get rejected I sure would like to know why in one or two brief sentences. I know you probably get many submissions daily, but how much of your time could that take? This is just a thought, of course.
  2. Really? Joe is more than creative enough to come up with great material (and he has) and is far from "crying like a little baby."
  3. I will not fry you up because I have respect for this website and do not want to give it a bad reputation. But seriously dude? When was the last time you released an effect? probably never. BTW windows movie maker now costs 50 dollars. Do your research before you make a bold statement as such.
  4. I just love you Jeffy!
  5. I can see where Joe is coming from. I think he is saying that its harder for some people to make a better quality video because some people lack the resources but that does mean it cannot be done. It will just take more effort like Michael said but you shouldn't discourage people to post because this is where someones career could start. Its just a place for the new generation of magic to start and one day these tricks will probably end up in an old magic book that people will have. Like Michael Vincent once said "leave magic in a better condition then when you found it" and I think the wire is where it could start. Just my thoughts.

  6. Doesnt mean it cannot be done*****
  7. okay guys let's not all suck up to johnathan...
  8. Been reading this for awhile. I know some of you are thinking that your video won't get accepted because you don't have crazy editing software and the likes. If you still feel that way, I can do the editing for you. My main deal is intros. If you want an example, here you are: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=G_iDS1Vge98

    I got bored and created an intro for Pure Smoke by Ellusionist.
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    We're not allowed to make jokes and have fun without it being us 'sucking up' ...?
    Seriously dude, you're taking all the fun out of everything. First the thread about your rejection, now this. lighten up will ya'? We'll all have loads more fun if you do...
  10. Thats unfortunate, because Wiehl is German
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    Windows movie maker came installed on my computer, and it's only 5 months old. I didn't pay a cent for it. This also seems to be the standard for most window's machines. Just saying.

    @Prace I don't know who this person is so I am not in a position to make that kind of statement of character. My first introduction to him was his opening statement in this thread that to me read like someone was crying because they didn't like the wire for what ever reason. Obviously the OP is intelligent enough to realize that his post could be received negatively because of his closing remark about getting ripped for it- or what ever it was he said. I would quote but I'm on my phone and can't go back for a reference. At the point in time that Joe wrote his Opening post he had only 9 or so posts to his name. To me this, along with the perceived tone delivered in his message just looked like someone was being a troll. I really don't have much history to work with this person on. Also J, your comment about his creativity below is mislead. I wasn't suggesting he wasn't creative towards developing magic. I was drawing into question his creativity to problem solve.

    @Joe I'd rather you refrain from "frying me up" because you respect me over this website. There is no sense in being chivalrous now on the websites behalf. I don't honestly think the words of a new user with less than a bakers dozen posts to their name, and no credit in the community is going to do much in the way of harming its reputation.

    Funny thing about doing your research before you shoot your mouth off... I have one product on the market. I will give you some credit, you're somewhat right, I don't have a lot out there though. What I have, to date, is one book that was produced through the wire and that's it. Although I will point out that I have remained on the Top Ten boards since the wire released with my E-Book, and garnered such high praises for my work from others such as Dan Sperry, and Morgan Strebler, but now I'm just name dropping. I digress. I have other projects in the works, but I do not publish things for magicians consumption. I will though regardless of who you are or what you've done call you out on anything I see as BS until a point in time comes that my opinion can be swayed by fact or by character. You opened yourself up for rebuke and you know it. I'm surprised your acting all butt hurt over it now. The point I stand on remains that it appears you created this thread for the sole purpose of complaining which as you should know will only bait flames and arguments which does nothing constructive for this website, this forum, this community, or your own cause.
  12. obviously you spend more time on the internet than you do magic.
  13. look at you with your 2643 40 year old virgin head @zz.

    there I'm done now.
  14. How on earth are you able to make that assumption regarding the amount of time I spend on my magic? Really? You're going to troll me? Way to prove a point kid.
  15. Gentlemen,

    Come on now. This is not neccesarry. I'm closing this because there is no easy cleanup for a 4 page fight. Less name calling, more constructive discussion.


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