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Discussion in 'The Marketplace' started by JoeStarnes, Oct 11, 2011.

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  1. Who else thinks the wire is just Theory 11's way of extending their Magic Tricks section? You don't see teens like me, who can't afford a 3,000 dollar camera or a 2,000 dollar mac to edit my videos on or a studio to film in, making magic tricks for The Wire. It has all just been artists who we have heard of or can afford all of these great things. Basically, and I hate to use adverbs but I must, Theory 11 is saying, "Oh you are able to put out your own tricks only if you have the right materials to make it." To me, it's kind of a slap in the face. All of you young creative geniuses of magic, don't get your hopes up because you will not get recognized unless you have money or great connections in the magic community.

    And I will probably get ripped apart for this opinion. But just thought someone should say it.
  2. :( i guess your trick didn't get accepted
  3. I have to disagree Joe. I don't think its necessary to have a very expensive camera, heck an HD Flip video goes for around $50 bucks, however I do think it is necessary for the production quality to be worth peoples money and Theory 11's time. I submitted a trick that was in HD and everything, but I didn't put enough time in to make it look good and flow well, and that is probably one of the reasons why it was rejected. Theory 11 is awesome for offering a service like The Wire, and I personally think that if they let a bunch of videos filmed with webcams, bad sound quality and the likes, it would be overrun with poor effects that didn't look good. Just some food for thought.
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    I don't recall theory11 saying 'you need the right materials'. As a part of the judging panel, we refer to three criteria when looking at a submission: creativity, originality, and production value. Production value is only one of the criteria, and in my opinion, the least important one. theory11 isn't looking for a grade-A production, shot with professional equipment. Sure, you're going to find high-production submissions like that on The Wire, but it's not a prerequisite.

    Consider my submission 'Birdbath'. I took a cam, grabbed a friend, and shot in the woods. Took 15 minutes to shoot and about two hours to put together. No fancy editing, lighting, or $2000 mac. I could've created the same tutorial with a camera phone and a Windows machine. If your submission was rejected, I'd look into improving the creative and original aspect of the trick, not just the production quality.

    I started filming when I was a teen. I could only afford an SD tape camera and Windows Movie Maker. I worked hard and made my videos the best they could be. It's going to take a little extra effort and thought when you lack resources, but it can be done.

    theory11's not going to reject a submission on the grounds of production quality unless it affects the quality of teaching. We'll do another podcast this weekend and touch on the subject of submission advice from our panel.

    Michael James Herp
  5. I have had effects rejected from the WIRE as well. Each one was my own creation and part of my day to day repetoire. When I recieved my rejections what I get is that the WIRE isn't the proper place to market those effects. I still use them everyday. With each one I can see why my effect was rejected. I might not agree with why but I can see why.
    By the way, I know that if the video quality is poor they will ask you to reshoot it. Chances are video quality isn't the only reason it was being rejected.
  6. I think the WIRE is a great tool for us as artists :)
  7. In my personal opinion, I regard the Wire as the natural evolution of the 1-on-1 section that used to be here, but not only that, the section has now been opened up to anyone who wishes to publish and make their name known around here.

    I suppose that the Tricks section will be where they put the DVDs while the Wire is where they put the 1-on-1 materials.
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    Production quality is just one of the factors for which we judge the submissions on. It isn't everything, but it is as equally important as creativity and originality.

    To brush up on what Michael Herp said, it isn't difficult to produce a great looking video if you put in a little thought and effort into it. You don't need to own a $2,000 iMac or a $3,000 camera to make a great looking video. There are plenty of affordable cameras that shoot great quality video that are under $500. You don't need expensive lighting equipment either. There are a plethora of choices for HD recording devices such as flip cams which can be placed on a small tripod for stability. It also helps to shoot in well lit areas. Go outside on a sunny day if needed. Something as simple as removing a lamp shade and bringing it closer to your hands helps a ton!

    Try this, get a cardboard box and glue/tape aluminum foil on it and use it as a reflector in the daylight to bounce the sun into necessary areas. Go to your local Wal-Mart and purchase a white poster board and use that as a reflector, you will be surprised how much this helps. I know because I've done it! You will be surprised to see how much better a video will look if it is properly exposed.

    Are these methods ideal for production? Absolutely not, but they work and get the job done. A tool is only as good as the person using it and even expensive tools can't produce a work of art if there is no craftsmanship. A great, creative, and original effect/cardistry move will speak for itself. Don't be discouraged and don't be afraid to experiment a little.
  9. Hey, Joe
    I'm 13 years old and my flourishes were accepted to the Wire and reached #1. Another 13 year old got his accepted too. This will hopefully help you realise that you don't need fancy stuff, just a good idea.
  10. Andrei make a free download about how to make good looking videos. That would help alot of us here on getting better quality videos in general. Not just for the wire, but for our own magic videos.
  11. Ooooooo I like that idea! Yeah andrei you should release a download on the wire teaching an inexpensive and easy way to make good looking lighting, etc products. That would be awesome!!! =D
  12. Love that idea - we can definitely do something of the sort. Over the coming weeks and months, you'll see more and more features added to The Wire, both on the front end and behind the scenes (for those with Artist Accounts). Within the coming days, we plan to record a few podcasts with our judging panel with advice on how to make sure your effect gets approved, how to increase your production value, and more. We'll continue to monitor this forum for common questions and chime in whenever we can help.
  13. As for it being "an extension", I have been wondering where the fine line is. At what point should an artist stop submitting to the Wire, and start making a DVD? How will more big names come out? It makes me wonder, if this existed several years ago, would Dan and Dave be big names? How about Andrei Jikh, Chris Hestnes, etc? Honestly though, I'm not trying to be negative. I do think it's a neat idea, and a lot of good videos now have an outlet that would have been impossible before. It'll be interesting to see where the whole concept of "The Wire" leads.
  14. do i get credit for the idea for that video? under inspiration for the video
  15. A little desperate there? lol
  16. I think you'll find this is something they've already discussed something like this in the wire roundtable discussion.
  17. wow guys. take a joke. and no im not desperate lol
  18. I will have your name written on my forehead within the video, in large permanent marker. Written in French. Everything sounds cooler in French.
  19. Even though I knew it was a joke, it was exactly what I was thinking. I went back up the page because I was thinking: didn't Wiehl write that...?

    I would like to state for the record: I have taken a screen shot of this, and if you do not hold up to your end of the agreement there will be outrage. Mutiny. And perhaps some sort of petition for your resignation.
  20. Oh wah. Dude chill. You don't need fancy equipment to make a good video. Last I checked every damn computer made in the past five years comes standard with Windows Movie Maker, and MOST cellphones take decent video. Hell my I-phone takes pretty damn good HD video. Don't blame the wire because you don't have the creativity to work through your problems.

    My father always said you'll find the time for the things that matter most in your life. If you want to produce material bad enough, then you'll do it. but sitting here crying like a little baby because things aren't "easy" for you is just pathetic.
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