The Worst Exposers of All Time?

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by Steerpike, May 2, 2008.

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  1. I have an extremely satirical mind and take a sadistic pleasure in using people's own words to show how utterly ridiculous their rhetoric is. Otherwise, I'm just a pain in the can (i.e. on my blog).

    Anyway, consider it water under the bridge. I'm just using sarcasm and satire to work a lot of frustration out of my system.

    I'll have the avatar for you tomorrow morning after I go to see Iron Man.
  2. lol are we all cool now? Good.:)
  3. Oh, thank god you're just kidding.

    I was about to write a very angry reply and then realized that that didn't sound like you at all.

    But jeez, maybe you should just say in your parent post that you were kidding, save me the stress...
  4. You came to your senses in time, didn't you?

    I don't get it. I contradicted the very values system I've been ramming down your collective throats since I got here, typed immature insults like "Ellu$ioni$t" that would prompt a savage beating from myself if ever said out loud, and used all caps and excessive punctuation several times. I then went on to propose an online petition, the ultimate gesture of futility.

    How could anybody not see I was kidding by the time they finished the first paragraph?
  5. I guess I thought you had finally just said screw it and drunk a whole bottle of Tide bleach, or something...
  6. Ok i really feel like the whole exposure thing is over done. Have you ever heard someone say "oh wait a second i know how you did that because i watched penn and teller do it on tv?" i havnet. Even if they do see it they probably wont remember how it was done anyway. And if you ever want to know how utilities are done its not hard for any layman to find out. They only have to go to a library. Honestly the only people that are watching exposure videos online are magicians. It is not going to be the "death" of magic. People just look at these because they are cheap. There are very few layman that will actually look up how something is done online (assuming they are able to find it, since you usually wont even tell them the name of the trick). And as far as the cups and balls thing goes... who cares? I work in a magic shop and perform it all day. So maybe we should go after the magic shops because i know of at least 100 kids that ive taught the trick to. Its the exact same thing except that we make money for doing it. So is it only exposure because they dont get paid for it? is that what constitutes exposure? Im sure that 98% of those kids will not be magicians, making them laymen... so now that i have taught them the trick (once they have purchased it) they have been exposed to the secret.

    So I am going to start a petition to stop the sale of all magic tricks from any magic shops! Because they are the biggest exposures of magic! The magic shops are killing us out there!!!

    Where do we buy or tricks from now? well of course the honest and loyal business like Penguin! yes that would be a much better world!

    Get over yourself man, if your getting crap for doing exposed tricks (which i doubt) then learn new tricks. Some that arent so old and over used. Make up something original, or just use your personality and presentation to entertain the people. Magic is only 25% trick any way the other 75% is how you present it. I've seen some of the best trick bomb because of crappy presentation and I've seen some of the lamest tricks get standing Os.

    So dont blame Penn and Teller because your presentation is lacking.

    Victor Cruz
  7. Why would I drink something that isn't carbonated, fermented, or distilled?

    If I had gone with my original idea to type this all in badly broken AOL speak and stilted grammar, then I could very easily see more people coming to that conclusion. But I trusted on most people to figure it out.

    Of course, I completely forgot to take into account that not only are people gullible, they don't read past the first post either!

    Go to page 2 and read the first post I put up there. By Crom!
  8. I feel very sorry for you right now...

    I suggest you read a certain post by Steerpike on page 2 of this thread, and maybe edit your post.

    But, thats just my opinion.

  9. Now that you say it...
  10. It was more than obvious for me. I was laughing my head off at the posts deeming you disrespectful to Penn and Teller.
  11. I hope they all realize that I'm not going to let them live that down. Hopefully, this will make some people more sympathetic to my chronic depression.
  12. Hmmm...

    Maybe it just wasn't all that funny...

    Which is fine. Not everyone can be an Andy Kaufman.
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    By the time I finished your first post I thought that maybe there's more than one guy behind the name "Steerpike". Either that or there's one guy with multiple personalities.

    Well, you certainly proved a point, though there were still a respectable few that gave appropriate responses, but not given the fact that you were being sarcastic in reality. While some agreed on your blatantly negative post, I can't really blame the others who jumped in to defend Penn and Teller when a person just bashed them like that. Well hopefully you got your message across.
  14. But if they expose on of their trick in their show, I don't think the audience think that they are magicians, they think they are foolers, just random guys who performs some simple trick. When I perform, I wanna make people think that I'm performing magic, not trick. Anway I think exposure is bad, really bad.
  15. Penn and Teller are magical and comical geniuses. Teller is probably one of the best sleight of hand artists I can think of, and they are both very innovative. The create many tricks, and therefore can "expose" them as they please.
  16. Does anybody read past the first post?

    Anyone who thinks they can read the first post and then just pitch in a comment as if their opinion is so much more important than everyone else's should be caned.
  17. Who are penn and teller?
  18. How do you forget about the "Masked Magician"?


    Anyway, most of my friends have seen episodes of the "Masked Magician" and they understand some concepts. Fortunately for me, I don't perform most of the tricks he exposes. Though I'm sure he exposes tricks that others perform.
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    I cant believe this thread. 4 pages, 752 hits, 45 responces, and growing. Serious rebuttals still coming in. Point well made Steer. Unreal.
  20. Although Penn and Teller Might expose often, i heard there is another who is now in hiding. I don't know if the story is true or not but the man who also exposed magic on national telivision i believe goes by the name of "Valentino"
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