Theory11 Discord Channel?

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by William Draven, Aug 17, 2018.

  1. @Jonathan Bayme & Team,

    Why don't we have a T11 Discord channel to live chat about magic? I'd be willing to start one up if you guys wanted to throw the official support behind it. Or I'd be glad to join if you guys wanted to start it up yourself.

    Just seems like something we should have done a while ago, and I'm asking myself: "Why haven't we?"

    Thoughts & Opinions?
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  2. I would be onboard with this. My only concern would behow much/how fast you can get traction with it.

    Part of what makes the forums unique is that, while nothing can really be answered quickly in real-time, the answers stay on the forums. Depending on thepost, they can be adjusted or deleted by moderators as need be.

    Now with magic and the need for secrecy, I believe that'd be a LOT harder to control on a Discord server as I can see a lot of secrets being thrown around in real time on a public chat and it'd be incredibly difficult to moderate in real time, or scrub the chats when applicable.

    That and I'm not too privy on what a Discord moderator can and cannot do. From what I have seen, they can ban people from chats, I'm not sure if they can edit someones comments. I think that'd be a huge problem.
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  3. I think this is a gr8 idea and the people who are usually active a lot or the elite members can become moderators...I like the idea abt having live talks on magic, It would be easier to talk abt stuff than on the forums...I would be willing to join or start a server, but I feel it'll be better if the team starts it
  4. I concur with the above. I'm not above starting the server myself, but I think it would be better if someone on the T11 team does it, or at the very least sponsors and supports it.
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  5. I don't think it's something I'd use. However, having trouble with a sleight and being able to show it real time and have one of the amazing magicians here to help also in real time would be invaluable...

    Hope what I said makes sense... bad cold and very tired lol
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  6. I think Discord is a fantastic idea actually. It's not too hard to prevent leaks because it doesn't have to be a public Discord and who can be there can be easily controlled. The best way to prevent leaks would to have a "vouching" system, where to be able to join, you would have to have some members vouch for someone in order for them to join, stuff like that so only credible magicians are able to join.
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  7. Hi, I think this is a great idea. Maybe you can have members donate a certain amount like a Patreon, that way people joining will take it a little more serious if moderating is your concern.

    You can always kick troublesome members.
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  8. I'm just out of touch, but what does this add? Just the real time aspect? Is't it really just a forum that is not very organized and difficult to search? Plus an app is needed? Not sure what the benefit would be (in my ignorance of barely using discord)
  9. Discord is more like a live chat server rather than forums. Imagine a huge, more organized, phone call with optional video. It would be a place for magicians to just hang out and chat, receive help, float ideas, etc. It's more live and instant than a forum like this and I think it would be a good idea.
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