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  1. Now available. theory11 is proud to unveil the first installment in Andrei Jikh's three DVD anthology on the art of cardistry - GENESIS.

    Comprehensive Cardistry - Containing 30+ moves and nearly 4 hours of high definition instruction by Andrei Jikh, with guest appearances by DAN&DAVE and Alejandro Portela (theCuso).

    GENESIS v1 features over 30 incredible moves - ranging from the essential, core techniques to more advanced concepts - available now in DVD and Download formats exclusively at theory11.

    : : GENESIS v1 - Now Available
  2. Looks great guys well done.

    The trailer is simply amazing. Phenomenal work.
  3. Listen to the podcast posted just a few moments ago - inside, Andrei answers many of the most common questions about GENESIS v1 and even offers a glimpse at what to expect from the v2 and v3 volumes of the DVD set. You can hear it now direct at this link.
  4. Anyone else watch GENESIS yet? I just finished watching my download. Overall, the project exceeded my expectations. I loved it, and I've got a lot of material to practice now. As Andrei and JB have said all along, there is something for everyone here. From the Charlier all the way to Bullet, this video ranges from simple to advanced. I loved everything that was on here. I'll have a full written review sometime this week probably. Overall, what are your thoughts?


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