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  1. Hello everyone!

    Does anybody know any theory11 music that appears as background music in the trailers for the Theory11 products? I'm going to a talent show and I really enjoy this Theory11 music and I want to use it for it. To be specific, does anyone know the background music for Scarlet or Zandman Book Test? Please put it here!

  2. I’m pretty sure T11 produces their own music, but there are tons of royalty free music composers out there that have music similar to it!

    I’d recommend Kevin McLeod at That is who I use!
  3. Thanks! Is it possible to also give the T11 music too?
  4. Also...At the website, they're so many different pieces! Could you please tell me the ones you use so that I can also use it too. It has to be very magic themed. Please do that! Or you can give me the Theory11 music itself!
  5. Try and find music that is unique to you. I use Epidemic Sound for my music, you just have to put the work to set the mood. Also I'm not trying to adjust your set but for a talent show try to have more visual magic.
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  6. Is it possible to recommend it to me by stating the names so that it wouldn't take a lot of time for me to find one. Just name me a few that is close to the T11 music
  7. For T11 music specifically there was an album put out called, I believe, The Deceptions Project.
  8. Hello! I'm trying to find the project somewhere but it seems like nothing is coming up. @WitchDocIsIn is it possible to show me the project so that I can use it. Sorry for the trouble.
  9. It seems like I need to pay money in order to get the volume. Please tell me which exactly to get because I don't want to get scammed from those websites. Thanks! :D
  10. I got it from Wayne Houchin's site a long time ago. It doesn't seem to be available there any more, and I honestly don't know if Dana Hocking even still has a web presence, all I can find is a FB page - . I would guess the listings I'm seeing are probably pirate sites due to how cheap they are.

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