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  1. One of our primary goals here at theory11 is to provide instruction in magic from this industry's most seasoned, working pro's. While the majority of that training is focusing on tricks and sleights and techniques, we take the opportunity whenever possible to go beyond that.

    Justin Kredible is a working pro. He performs 100+ large shows at colleges throughout the nation every year, and he performs just about monthly on too many talk shows to list here. Just last month, he was featured on the main page of CollegeHumor. He's the real deal, and his passion and enthusiasm for what he does comes through in every second of his performances.

    Listen to the podcast below as we chat with Justin about his story, how he got started working in magic, and what advice he has for theory11 members on how to begin that journey - if you're interested in making magic an occupation.

    Download the MP3 directly by right clicking here.
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    Hmm, I remember hearing that name.
    I think he was on Rachel Ray, Ellen Degenrous, or 1 of those day shows because I remember my grandma calling me 2 put on a channel since there was a magician doing tricks.

    From what I remember he did good.
  3. lol he's a great magician.

    I first heard of him when I got a letter from his lawyer telling me I need to "cease and desist" using the name Justincredible Magic. lol

    I had been using it for a few years, but had already changed to Morris Magic when I got the letter. Pretty funny though.

  4. if anyone here has IO cable then you can go to the on demand section and they have magic trick tutorials.

    like 2 years ago he was doing the tutorials

    Then after a while it was jay sankey

    i dont know now because i grew out of it.
  5. Justin got me into magic with his cablevision series, so I'm eternally greatful. He's a good guy.
  6. Had a look at some of his stuff. You can really tell he's passionate about Magic.

  7. He's a really good guy and a good friend of mine. Also a great illustrator
  8. I freakin' love justin kredible. incredibly funny and charming.
    I love rachel ray even more so.
  9. He reminds me of Derren brown with a twist of Justin Miller.
  10. A great guy - and a great performer. One of the finer points discussed in the podcast is that his focus is on entertaining his audience, not just the tricks. A lot to learn from his story and his outlook on how he got to where he's at today.
  11. Loved this podcast. Justin Kredible is... just incredible.
  12. Great stuff. Thanks for posting this guys. Very interesting and helpful.
  13. Gah, you beat me to it. :D

    But seriously, that was a GREAT podcast, I really enjoyed listening to it, three times. ;)

    I really love these things, thanks for keeping them coming, it really feels like we are all apart of something special.
  14. Great podcast. He is definitely a great performer.
  15. Loved this podcast. Very interesting and incredible.
  16. Hey peeps!

    Hey Peoples, Justin Kredible here...

    So stoked about the positive feedback from the podcast. Glad my babbling is good for something. =)

    If you guys and gals have any questions, let me know. I'd love to help.

    Have a great weekend.


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