theory11 roundtable discussion : b.Smith + Dan White

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  1. what are your favorite tricks/ sleights that you created and learned
  2. Roundtables rock!

    1. Where do you guys get your inspiration from when you create? What is the creative process that goes on in your mind when you create?

    2. Why magic? What got you interested? What would you be doing if you were not into magic?

    3. What type of magic do you guys primarily focus most of your time on? Cards? Coins?

  3. Have any funny or interesting stories you'd like to share about working with David Blaine?
  4. My Questions

    1) (to both)- If you could never use one of these moves again:
    A) The double lift B) The Tenkai palm C) Any control

    Which would it be?

    2) (to B. Smith): How did you come up with Wounded?

    3) (To Dan): Are you and Blaine related?
  5. Question 4) How much prep work does it take to do a special like this one?

    Question 5) Where did you guys get the idea of hanging David Blaine upside down for 60 hours from?
  6. This is one my dad asked and I can't give him the best answer:

    3. What is the difference between a illusionist, a magician, and a endurance artist.
    And what do you consider David Blaine to be.
  7. Dan white why do you create magic for david blaine, instead you being the start?
    bsmith, how did you come out with wounded? did you ever saw yourself crying blood? xD
    For both, whats your favorite trick of all times, to watch and to perform?

    If somebody have already posted those questions sorry..

  8. Ok since JB u said u were in it too
    heres my questions
    1) Its truth wat they said in this threat? why u closed it if u "were telling the truth"?
    2) to dan & bSmith: who was it working with daniel garcia?
  9. How did Dan Hauss and the two of you meet, to create the 3 magi, and later get hooked up with consulting for Mr. Blaine?
  10. b.Smith
    1)Where do you get your ideas for your magic from?
    2)When are you releasing that slick coin vanish/coin through hand? :D

    Dan White
    1)How'd you get together with DB?
    2)Where do you find/how do you look for effects for DB to use on his specials?
  11. How was it working with DB? Was it fun all the time or were there a lot of serious moments?

    Any funny, amzing or interesting story while working with DB?

    On a scale of 1 to 10, what would you rate your polriod changem compared to other changes such as shapeshifter?

    PS shape shifter was oringinaly invented by Oscar Munioz called butterfly change!!!
  12. For Robert Smith... What gave you the idea to create an effect such as Wounded?

    Again for Robert Smith... Do you use the Polaroid Color Change as an effect on it's on, or do you use it as an application?

    For Dan White... What inspired you to become a magician?
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    B. Smith: What are some of your other effects?
    Dan White: What are some of your other effects?
    B Smith: What is your most prized effect?
    Dan White and B Smith: What got you noticed in the magic community?
    B Smith and Dan: Do you flourish?
  14. Dan white who was your biggest influnce in magic as you were growing up.
    Bob smith how did you find your preforming style and what tips could you give someone for rinding a good preforming style.

    ps bob can i call you bobby
  15. magic's negative stereotype

    despite the revolution magic has undergone the past several years, it still seems to carry with it a negative stereotype, in that the term 'magic' alludes to a child's hobby rather than a legitimate artform.

    (IE. My co-workers saw me reading a copy of 'Totally Out of Control' during my lunch hour, and asked me what I doing. When I responded, "I'm studying a card trick.", I was met with strange looks and condescending comments)

    a) When you guys tell 'regular' people that you are professional magicians, have you ever been met with any negative feedback?

    b) What do you guys think that we can do collectively as a community to help remove those barriers/stereotypes?
  16. Both: What do you think of flourishes? What can you say about next david blaine stunt?
  17. what do you think that makes t11 better than thE other communities?
  18. To Bsmith

    What inspired you to come up with wounded?

    To DWhite

    Are you and David Blaine related?

    How do you come up with what magic is put on the DB TV show?
  19. To all:

    Who is the most difficult/worst client you have every worked with?
  20. @ DAN WHITE: When did you first encounter David Blaine? And why did you decide to assist him instead of some other magician?

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