theory11 roundtable discussion : b.Smith + Dan White

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  1. 1: (to both) Do you perform styles of magic other than close up?
    2: (both) Roughly how much of the stuff in your pockets when you go places is ordinary (cell phones, wallet that kind of thing), and how much of it is magic (coins and cards etc.):)
  2. 1) Dan white, how has your experience been with working along side david blaine? Has it given you the chance to develop and master your skills?
  3. 1. Does david blaine come up with his own effects?

    2. Any mess up stories to share?
  4. Dan White: How did you become a consultant for David Blaine?

    Dan White: How/when did you come across the art of magic?

    Dan White: Did you always know you wanted to be a magician?

    Dan White: Who are your heroes in magic?

    Dan White: What do you have planned for your future in magic?

    B. Smith: How long have you been a performer of magic?

    B. Smith: Name one performer who has inspired you greatly.

    B. Smith: Do you see yourself more of a performer, magician, or artist?

    B. Smith: Are you happy with the way things have gone out in your magic career? Is there something you've regretted relating to magic?

    B. Smith: What's your relationship/role to Dan White/David Blaine/Theory11?

    All for now. Super duper sorry if I duplicate. Thanks!
  5. I know that a lot of people have asked you both what your influences have been in magic and all of that jazz, but I'd like to know how magic has influenced you both, personally. Has it had a major impact on your personality, character, or outlook on life? Do you feel that if you had not taken the path of the magician, you may have become an entirely different peson (not job-wise, I mean as a person)?
  6. Dan W, do you like doing card magic?
  7. for Both,what do you think about the magic community today?
  8. Thats an obvious one.
  9. What do you guys think of people who expose magic and put tutorials on the internet?

    What are they doing to the magic community?
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    Who is the funniest person out of your team of consultants, and who is your most serious person out of your team of consultants?

    200 posts!!!!
  11. b. Smith
    How did you come up with the polaroid change? was it an accident or was it to further the need to find a "perfect" color change?

    Do you plan on putting out anymore products, since your name is now known on the internet community?

    Why did you decide to release the polaroid change to the public instead of keeping in your routine exclusively?

    Dan White
    What sparked your interest in eXile?

    How do you think the magic communtiy (the good and bad sides of it) will respond to eXile?

    what ethnicity are you half of Japanese or Vietnamese? (couldnt think of another question XD )
  12. Questions

    Dan White: What is your psychology when performing magic?
    B. Smith: What is your favorite effect?
    Dan White: What is David Blaine's favorite magic effect? (or favorite kind of magic to perform).
    B. Smith: What performer has most influenced the way you create magic?


  13. Have you ever created an effect by accident?
  14. And for you bayme, why dont you make a performance to t11 members, or why dont you release a 1 on 1, we wanna see you perform :p. whats your favorite trick? And what do you think of wayne houchin eyeliner :p
  15. These questions are for the both of them.

    What got you into magic?

    When you create a new effect, what do you look out for?

    How did you get to know David Blaine?

    After working with David Blaine and David Blaine became famous, have you ever thought of starting your own TV special?

    Do you consider yourself an underground magician? What are your thoughts on the term 'underground magician'?

    Do you learn flourishes? If no, have you ever tried to learn one? If no, why not and what are your thoughts on flourishes.

    Who are your favorite magicians?

    Daniel Madison said that the older magicians dislike younger magicians (the new generation) due to their style. What are your thoughts about it?
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    Since nobody has asked yet that I have seen I'll through it out there:

    1. Considering that the title "Dive of Death" would have implications of a very dangerous illusion or stunt and knowing what the final effect would actually be why still go forth with that title?

    2. Can you talk about what really happened in the final moments? What went right/wrong?

  17. Hey guys,

    Here are my questions :

    1. What inspired you to create the polaroid change ?

    2. How did you come across magic and why did you keep on persuing it ?

    1. What does b. stand for ? =D
  18. what is your greatest achievement in magic so far.

    what is your facorite david blaine episode.
  19. How have you made a difference in the average person's life using magic?
  20. Ahh, his name is Robert Smith and Rob is short for Robert and Bob is short for Rob and B stands for Bob. Which equals...B. Smith.

    I thought everyone knew that Bob was short for Robert...


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