theory11 Roundtable Discussion - Luke Dancy : Round Two

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  1. This weekend, a surprise guest stopped in at the theory11 headquarters to film an incredible effect that is over nine years in the making. In light of this event, we felt tonight would be the perfect opportunity to host a roundtable discussion with one of the best minds in modern magic - Luke Dancy.

    It's been over a year since our last podcast discussion with Luke. Since that time, he's continued his work as the lead consultant on Criss Angel's internationally acclaimed A&E television series MINDFREAK - in addition to developing countless new ideas to share with the magic community. Tonight you have your opportunity to ask him anything. We're asking for YOUR questions relating to Luke's creative process, performing experience, published material, or any other topic you would like us to discuss.

    There is a limit of THREE questions per participant, so make 'em count. All questions must be posted as a response to this thread no later than 10:00pm EST. Luke will join us thereafter to record the podcast, which will be posted here at 11:00pm EST on the dot. One random member whose question is asked during the podcast will receive any 1-on-1 video of your choosing.

    This is truly a rare opportunity to gain knowledge from an industry professional. Looking forward to a thought provoking discussion!

    UPDATE: Podcast has been posted! Listen to it now here.
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    Which magician's do you see as a source of inspiration for your performances?
    Favorite memory on the set of mindfreak?
    And of course because someone has to ask it:
    What got you started in magic?
  3. Question for Dancy

    Thank you for this opportunity. My question is: what sorts of techniques do you try to employ in order to achieve a sense of "wonder" for you and your audience when performing?

    Joe Zompetti
  4. 1. How does your creating process go? Do you think of an effect and try to think of how to do it, or do you wait for inspiration to just come to you anytime.

    2. How do you respond when people say Criss Angel is a fake or he uses camera tricks?

    3. How did you get started in magic?
  5. How did you get to working with Criss on Mindfreak?
  6. How would you make something done with cards really magical, instead of just another card trick?

    How does one break into the field of magic consulting for TV?

    Where do you think people should focus their efforts if they want to make a lasting impression on their audiences?
  7. What is this Dancy Mischief that has taken up these 9 years?

    How was your day?

    What advice do you give to magicians who want to transition from a hobbyist to a working magician?
  8. luke, first time caller long time admirer.
    When excessive sexiness runs down your leg do you freak out and say "gotta get that back" or is it more like "I have tons of sexy left..easy there dancy"

    I'll hang up now and listen to your response.
  9. 1.) Coke or Pepsi?

    2.) What are your favorite shows or movies?

    3.) I guess I'll ask a magic one. Top 5 moves every magician should know (In cards or coins, take your pick.)
  10. Did you have trouble on your first performances when starting in magic due to shyness or nervousness? If so, how did you over come these problems? And what was the first effect you ever learned?
  11. Thank you for the opportunity

    1. What type of magic are you most attracted to; what type of magic are you least attracted to?

    2. When you first got started in magic who supported you the most in your career?

    3. As a consultant for A&E's MINDFREAK what is the average day like; what is your routine?

    Thank you very much for the opportunity to have my questions answered. Thank you Luke.

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    Where did you come up with the term "Dancy Mischief"?

    What is the strangest reaction you've ever gotten from a performance?

    What is your go-to illusion when you have no props or anything on you?


    EDIT: Am I the only person who's not going to ask you about Criss Angel? I know that's my 4th question, but it's valid.
  13. 1)After working with him, do you think people give Criss Angel enough credit?
    2)When creating effects what qualities do you try to achieve(I.e. Simplicity, visual ect.)?
    3)Who's your biggest insperation?
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    Criss Angel is an icon in magic and pop-culture, known to magicians and laypeople alike. As one of the creators of his effects, does it seem that the credit given to Criss Angel for the effects he performs is sometimes unbalanced?

    What can we expect from your new DVD Sin City?

  15. I'm new to the forums so I'll start by asking these questions.
    1. Besides Criss Angel, which magician do you hang out with the most?
    2. Do you use any gambling sleights in any of your routines?
    3. Are there any other magicians you work with on Mindfreak?
  16. 1. Are you more of a performer or a creator?

    2. What is your favorite thing about working on Mindfreak?

    3. Any chance you could give us a little info on this new trick of yours? :p

  17. In your eyes, what makes for an incredible performance?
    What would be some inspiring words to those who have a desire to "make it" in magic?
  18. Hey luke, Web here, we've talked on tinychat.

    if you could make one law to affect the rate at which exposure and ethics are treated in the magic world today, roughly what would it be? unless your a part time lawyer, then i expect it polished!

    if you didn't get into magic, what would a possible career choice have been?

    mountain dew or mellow yellow? somebody already asked coke or pepsi.
  19. What made you want to pursue magic as a career?
  20. Keep 'em coming - we will begin recording in a few minutes! All questions are fair game - with topics from Criss Angel to the creative process. Hit us with your best shot and we'll try to answer as many as possible.

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