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Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by j.bayme, Jan 25, 2008.

  1. Lots coming tonight at 11:00pm EST! Tonight brings the Control release, an 11-minute release window of the Wynn Decks, and an update to the 1-on-1 section. Be there...

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  2. Big release night cant wait !!!!
  3. I can not wait for Control to be released. I have been looking forward to this all week.
  4. Sounds awesome JB! :D
  5. ooo I cant wait. People are going to have a tough choice tonight, Wynns or Control? (Or maybe even 1 on 1)Its an easy one for me, Control of course :p

    Cheers, Tom
  6. Dang, and I'll be gone this weekend, so I won't get to buy Control until Monday...
  7. Wow-- the triple release at 11:00pm EST (10:00pm CST) sounds enthralling and indelible! I'll be there, uh, here... will you?

  8. Why eleven minutes?

    I'm honestly curious. Is it symbolic - the release is at eleven so we'll do an eleven minute window? Is it based on supply - we have X decks, and we usually sell Y decks a minute, so because X / Y = 11 we'll do an eleven minute window? Or is it just an arbitrary number you pulled out of the air?
  9. Depending on the price of Control will depend whether or not I get the 1 on 1 (actually... it also depends on what 1 on 1 it is ;)) If 20 dollars... i'll be getting the 1 on 1, if 25 dollars... not sure, maybe, depends on shipping charges of Control, if 30 dollars... most likely not =P but its possible... depends on shipping charges
  11. Awesome. I can't wait for Control. Although I wish you guys didn't do this limited window/giveaway stuff on a Friday night. Who's sitting at home on their computer on a Friday night?
  12. Me... until about 1 am when the night starts for me :p

  13. Well certainly not me if that's what you're thinking...



    - Sean
  14. I'll probably be out...o well!
  15. I hope all have a fabulous time tonight. I will in the future I'm sure, will be purchasing Control. I want to wait for the reviews to come in and would like to see the price for the D.V.D. before I purchase. I'm sure it will be fantastic though!

    I had just recieved my Wynn deck in the mail today. Personally I 'm more of a Bicycle girl, when it comes to the cards. I am looking forward to "getting my flourish on" with my Guardians and Wynns...

    Have fun tonight everyone!
  16. is there going to be a download to?
  17. Im guessing its cause of the fact that its THEORY "11" !!

    11 pm release

    11 minute window.

  18. or that all the kinds can get it to and the 11 minutes to help more people gets cards or it could just be theory11 lol
  19. Wow, big night tonight.

    I won't be on at 11 Eastern, I have a Hockey practice but, I'll be on afterwards to order Control and a few Guardians.

    Hope to see everyone on tonight :)

  20. Yessir there will.


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